These Big-Batch Recipes Mean You’ll Always Be Ready for Dinner


September is practically synonymous with packed schedules, and busy calendars can quickly result in one too many takeout dinners. But no worries — we’ve got a plan for you. Choose a couple of these ingenious (read: giant and easy) recipes, spend a Sunday cooking and freezing, and get ready to shower yourself with gratitude next time you need a dinner idea faster than fast.

Big-Batch Andouille Gumbo (above)

With just a little extra chopping, you can make a double batch of this hearty soup that’s chock-full of peppers, okra, onions, sausage and more. Make it an even more satisfying meal by serving it over rice.

Big-Batch Healthy Beef, Mushroom and Spinach Calzones

Make a dozen of these veggie-stuffed pockets and you’ll have more than two weeks’ lunches ready to go. Grab one from the freezer as you run out the door, place it in the fridge at work to thaw, and the calzone will be ready to microwave by lunchtime.

Big-Batch Corn and Potato Chowder

This creamy, starchy soup is perfect for those cold nights you know are just around the corner. Make and freeze this recipe now and you’ll be as prepared as an upstanding Boy Scout.

Big-Batch Meatballs and Red Sauce

Our recipe makes 36 meatballs (which you can freeze and thaw later) in just about an hour and a half — paired with pasta, that’s several dinners that will heat up in a flash. Or pick up some hoagie rolls on the way home from work and have sandwich night.

Big-Batch Chile-Chicken Posole

The Mexican flavors in this comforting dinner are both warming and bright, so we know you’re going to want to make this again. Oh, wait — you already did!

Big-Batch Turkey Chili

Chili just might be the quintessential big-batch meal (it’s what huge pots were made for, right?). Our recipe uses ground turkey to keep things little leaner, and calls for a level of spice that Goldilocks would approve. With just 10 minutes of prep (your stove and the pot do most of the heavy lifting), you can make four quarts, ready to freeze.