7 Tiny Snacks for When Your Kid's Tummy Is Grumbling


It’s an hour before dinner and your kids are clamoring (“starving,” they say dramatically) for a snack. But your snack selection must be wise — if the pre-meal nosh is too big, they won’t want dinner at all. Try these tasty (but tiny!) options to appease your peckish crew as you get the main course ready.

Italian Ice Pops (above)

Giada De Laurentiis pairs frozen raspberries with mint for a tart, frozen snack you can easily make in an everyday ice tray — no over-sized pop molds required.

Cornbread Dots with Jam

Corn muffin mix doesn’t always have to end up in a muffin tin or cake pan. Drop spoonfuls onto a sheet tray to make small cornbread “cookies” that will satisfy without over-stuffing.

Pizza Skewers

A skewer makes any snack more fun. These no-cook kebabs with mozzarella, tomatoes, pepperoni and basil combine your kids’ favorite pizza flavors, but skip the belly-filling crust.

Crunchy Sunflower-Butter, Bacon and Banana Pinwheels

These bitty roll-ups are nut-free, but peanut butter is certainly a fine substitute for the sunflower butter if your kids crave a truly Elvis-inspired snack.

Baby Carrot Dipper Cup

These veggies are a tiny snack classic. But something about filling a cute little cup with carrots and hummus or dressing for dipping makes the snack even more special.

Better Brownies

These brownie bites aren’t just “better” because they’re mini (thanks to a mini muffin tin, of course) — they have shredded zucchini hiding inside them too.

Apple Chips

Alex Guarnaschelli finds that a little simple syrup makes these pretty apple chips even shinier and crunchier.