Two Ways to Transform a Mashed Potato Side Dish


Once you’ve settled the whole sweet-potato-versus-regular-potato debate, the next Thanksgiving side dish question you have to contend with is: flavored or not? Would you prefer to dress up a traditional recipe with bold tastes, or do you crave the comforting flavors of tradition?

On Saturday's all-new episode of The Kitchen, which was devoted to a complete roster of turkey-day side dishes, the co-hosts showcased a cornucopia of ways to prepare squash, dressing and green beans — and the all-important potatoes, of course. Check out both of the new spins on spuds below, one a creatively flavored take on the usual recipe and the other a buttery mainstay with just a hint of extra-special presentation.

French Onion Mashed Potatoes

This is for all the folks who are looking for a break from traditional flavors this year. Inspired by the warming tastes of tried-and-true French onion soup, these rich, creamy mashed potatoes boast two key additions: sweet, tender onions and nutty Gruyere cheese. Slowly cooking the onions over moderate heat helps them break down and soften, caramelizing and developing flavor as they go. Serve the spuds with crunchy croutons for a welcome contrasting texture.

Pommes Duchesse

Full of the indulgent butter flavor you know and crave in mashed potatoes, Geoffrey Zakarian’s recipe gets its next-level quality from a striking presentation. The trick here is using a star-tipped piping bag. By filling it with the spuds and piping out the silky, creamy potatoes into a baking dish, GZ adds not only visual interest in the dish but also texture; the swirled tops become gently toasty in the oven, while the insides stay fluffy. Want to boost the flavor too? You can add Gruyere and nutmeg, Geoffrey suggests.

Get more side dish recipes from The Kitchen, and tune in to a new episode next Saturday at 11a|10c.

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