Can You Waffle It? Food Network Kitchens' Waffle Iron Hits and Misses


While we were working on the waffle project, we got really into waffling. We were waffling foods left and right to see what waffling’s magical crispifying effect improved (and what it didn’t). Here are some of their stories.


Scrambled eggs came out well. They come off in a single piece, perfect for an egg sandwich.


It cooked, but without any extra crispiness. It’s easier (and less dangerous) in a pan.


Success! The bagel’s new divots held cream cheese and butter puddles nicely.

French Fries

Don’t bother. They’re called fries for a reason.

Packaged Ravioli

These dried out and got strangely chewy. Return to sender.


Win! You can’t be mad at hot doughnuts with crispy divots.

Puff Pastry

Meet the Puffle. Waffling raw puff pastry dough was the biggest success of all. It got crispy, buttery and completely delicious. We think the Puffle could be the next big pastry sensation.

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