Why Sliders Are the Perfect Party Food


The best move when hosting a party: Make food that guests can eat with their hands. When they’re mingling and/or seats are limited, juggling a plate filled with food and using a fork and knife can be awkward. You’ll want to serve something hand-held that they can polish off in a couple of bites. Sliders are the solution. And somewhere on our list of favorite recipes is a slider you should be making for your next shindig.

Buffalo Chicken Sliders

Leave it to Jeff Mauro to prove that most things are just as good, if not better, in sandwich form. His take on Buffalo chicken has everything you love about the wings — hot-sauce glaze, blue cheese and ranch dressing — plus soft and fluffy bread, like Hawaiian or Parker House rolls.

ReeDrummond _Sliders_H

The Pioneer Woman’s Sliders

To make super-tender and flavorful patties, Ree Drummond mixes the ground beef with some heavy cream and a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce. Set up a sliders bar and serve bacon bits, caramelized onions and Gorgonzola on the side.

Pulled Pork Sliders

Set aside a few hours this weekend and make pulled pork, specifically Anne Burrell’s beer-braised recipe served with a sweet and tangy apple cider vinegar sauce.

Beef Sliders for a Crowd

This game-changing press-in-a-pan slider recipe comes together in 40 minutes. The perfectly browned patties are reminiscent of the smashed kind that you often find in a classic burger joint, so fixings like American cheese and iceberg lettuce leaves are encouraged.

Crab Cake Sliders

Crab cake sliders would go just as quickly at an elegant cocktail soiree as they would at a rowdy football viewing party. The quick and easy blood-orange aioli will become your new favorite sandwich spread. Blood oranges are in season now — use that as a reason to make these sliders ASAP.

Turkey-Hummus Sliders

Cheesy, indulgent party snacks are fun and delicious but can quickly derail all your healthy eating efforts from the week, leaving you with post-snacking guilt. These healthy Mediterranean-inspired pita pockets are an exception. Enjoy them guilt-free — with the feta crumbles and all.

The Cupcake Sandwich

This is our new favorite way to enjoy a cupcake. By cutting off the bottom of the cupcake and using it as a “bun,” you ensure that each bite has the perfect ratio of frosting to cake! Choose your favorite cupcake recipe and serve a batch of cupcakes slider-style at your next shindig.