Food Network Favorites

We hope you enjoy our collection of little cookbooks with big ideas!

Each highly interactive edition, focused on a specific topic, includes dozens of original, easy-to-make recipes, helpful and inspirational videos, a detailed resource guide, dazzling HD photos, tips from your favorite Food Network chefs and much, much more.

iPad Users: Each of the Food Network Favorites apps are available in iTunes: Super Soups, Smart Cookies, and One-Pot Wonders.

Kindle Fire Users: Each of the Food Network Favorites apps are available on

Android Tablet Users: Each of Food Network Favorites are available in the Google Play Store.

How much does a single edition cost?
Each edition can be purchased individually for $0.99.

Are subscriptions available?
Until recently, subscriptions for iPad customers were available through the iTunes Newsstand, but they have been temporarily suspended. All iTunes customers who were active subscribers have received a full refund. During the coming months, we'll explore new options to deliver our most popular recipes and new content to you for the iPad and iPad Mini and other tablet devices.

On which devices is Food Network Favorites currently available?
Currently, Food Network Favorites is available on the iPad, the iPad Mini, the Kindle Fire devices and several Android tablets.

Do the digital editions expire?
No, once you download your edition, it is yours to keep until you delete it.

Can I print the recipes inside Food Network Favorites?
All of our iPad editions were recently relaunched and now include the ability to print individual recipes and share with your friends. At this time, we are exploring ways to offer the same functionality to our Android tablet and Kindle Fire customers.

Is Food Network Favorites available to international customers?
Unfortunately, Food Network Favorites is not available outside of the US.

I'm having difficulty downloading or opening the Edition.
Downloading Food Network Favorites works best with a strong WiFi connection. If your session "times out," you might need to begin the download again. Here’s a tip: temporarily turn off the Auto Lock option on the device. This should prevent "sleep” mode from starting before your download completes.

My app crashed in the middle of my session.
Food Network Favorites performs best on a device with a fully or mostly charged battery. Most times, if the app happens to freeze or crash, simply exiting the app and re-opening it should solve those problems.

My videos inside the edition won’t play.
All videos stream from a central web server, so you need to make sure that you have an open and strong WiFi connection. If the video freezes, simply exiting the app and re-opening it should solve those problems.

How do I contact the Food Network Favorites team?
If you need to contact us, please send an email to and we’ll do our best to respond as quickly as possible.