Grand Market, Buddakan & Ice Cream Trucks

By: Tanya Edwards

On my second day at the Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival, I wanted to do my best to sample a little bit of everything and get reports from my fellow festival goers.

Food expert Ted Allen hosted a morning dim sum brunch at the atmospheric Buddakan (you may remember the NYC outpost from Sex and the City), which is known for huge family style portions. Chef and food writer Jessica Hulett spent most of her brunch gabbing with Ted and felt "the ribs and pork dumplings were real standouts, as was the sparkling sake."

I stopped by the Grand Market at Bally's, which featured over 200 vendors sampling wine, beer and food, as well as giving cooking demonstrations. It was mobbed with my favorite kind of people - food people! I sampled some delicious peanut brittle and one of the strangest things I've ever eaten - a corned beef Reuben spring roll.

On my way to Caesar's Palace to see Guy Fieri's live cooking demonstration, I ran into the infamous Cooking Channel ice cream truck parked on the boardwalk. Free ice cream on a beautiful summer afternoon? Yes, please.

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