The 8 Sweetest Valentine's Day Treats for Kids

From super sweet to pretty darn healthy, one mom has go-to ideas for your kids’ Valentine’s Day treats.
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From super sweet to pretty darn healthy, I’ve got your kids’ Valentine’s Day treats covered. Every one of them is doable for busy parents, and many are so easy the kids can help. So whether you and the little ones are celebrating at home or school, these adorable ideas say nothing but love from the oven.

1. Heart of the Batter CupcakesAs if a moist cupcake loaded with chocolate frosting wasn’t enough, what kid wouldn’t be delighted to bite into a cupcake to find a heart-shaped strawberry inside? I’m practically clapping myself about these too-cute treats from Food Network Magazine.

2. Chocolate-Covered Mini Pretzel Sticks: For small kids, a pretzel stick — loaded with chocolate and sprinkles — makes the perfect serving size. Bonus: Your little ones can help make a batch with you.

3. Heart-Shaped Whole-Wheat Pancakes with Strawberry Sauce: Sure, starting Valentine’s Day on a nutritious note is great, but look at what Ellie Krieger does here. Pouring strawberry sauce on the plate first, then setting your hearts on top? Brilliant.

4. No-Bake Chocolate Fruit & Nut Balls: If your school’s holiday policy asks for low-sugar snacks, consider these “truffles” made with chocolate chips, dried fruit and nuts. Just grind in your food processor, then roll.

5. Chocolate-Hazelnut Smooches: Anytime there are two kinds of chocolate at work, you know your cookie jar will be empty in minutes. You’ve got chocolate-hazelnut spread baked right in these cookies, and there's a chocolate kiss right on top. Baci, Giada De Laurentiis!

6. No-Sugar Strawberry Smoothies: This one works as well for breakfast at home as it does for a classroom snack. (Blenders travel well.) Use frozen strawberries in place of ice, then add a ripe banana and milk. (No ripe bananas? Add a little honey. Want a bit more protein? Throw in some plain yogurt. Or do both!)

7. Chocolate-Strawberry Dough Ball on a Stick: These treats from Food Network Magazine are cake pops’ cooler cousins. There's a strawberry dipped in chocolate, but that’s not all. You’ll roll that goodness in pancake batter before frying in oil. Here’s to love on a stick.

8. Shortbread Hearts: You knew it was coming. What holiday recipe list is complete without a five-star Ina Garten confection? Warning: These five-ingredient cookies are sure to become a February tradition.

Charity Curley Mathews blogs at Mini Foodies in the Making…Maybe

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