Pizza Hut's New Menu Tracks Your Eyes and Reads Your Mind

Ordering a pizza has always been the lazy way out of dinner prep. Now it’s gotten even lazier: At Pizza Hut, you can now order pizza using only your eyes.

Ordering a pizza has always been the lazy way out of dinner prep. Now it’s gotten even lazier. Like, way lazier.

Pizza Hut is experimenting with a new technology that allows you to summon a pizza without lifting a finger or saying a word. In locations across the U.K., with an eye toward a possible eventual U.S. roll-out, the pizza powerhouse is replacing regular menus with tablets customized to track customers’ eye movements as they peruse their options.

Yes, now you can order pizza using only your eyes.

You don’t even have to think too hard, or maybe even at all. “ The world's first subconscious menu,” as it is being dubbed, claims to know what you want even when you don’t know it yourself.  Based on which of 20 ingredients you glance at the longest, the tablet claims to discern the pizza you secretly desire, from one of 4,896 possible combinations, and places your order.

The whole process supposedly takes “exactly 2.5 seconds,” according to a news release from Stockholm-based Tobii Technology, which spent six months developing the product. The company boasts of a 98 percent pizza satisfaction rate. (If you change your mind or mood, just flick your eyes on the “restart” button.)

“By the time you think you’ve chosen, your subconscious has already done it for you,” the company asserts in a promotional video explaining how the process works.


Photo courtesy of Tobii Global Press Room and Creative Commons
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