Don't Worry — You Don't Have to Eat This Neon Udon

Was the world clamoring for glow-in-the-dark udon? No matter, the neon noodles have arrived.

Was the world clamoring for glow-in-the-dark udon? No matter, the neon noodles have arrived.

A self-dubbed “mad scientist” and food writer from Japan who goes by the pseudonym Kurare Raku (and appears in photos wearing a fox mask) has created a buzz by tweeting out an image of fluorescent pink noodles floating in a glowing green broth.

According to his Twitter page, Kurare has also created “fluorescent sherbet,” “poisonous curry” and “rosy sweets apple pie,” and he was reportedly aiming to spark excitement for the dishes before introducing them at a science festival in Osaka — and he certainly seems to have succeeded.

Kurare told the website Munchies that he majored in biochemistry, studied “food chemicals and food additives,” and is currently working on a book about food and chemistry. He said his inspiration for the brightly hued dish was the video game Splatoon.

“The game uses many fluorescent colors,” he explained, adding that the noodles also remind him of “the Electrical Parade from Disneyland.”

Kurare says his freaky noodles taste just like regular udon — so now udon have to try them yourself.

Photo courtesy of @reraku
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