Soft Scrambled Eggs with Brie — Meatless Monday

Transform your everyday eggs into a richly comforting meal in a hurry with this recipe.
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Photo by: Con Poulos

Con Poulos

On their own, scrambled eggs can satisfy a craving for simple comfort food, and since they take just minutes to prepare, they're often a go-to pick for speedy meals any time of day. But when you take just a bit more care about exactly how they're scrambled and then dress them up just a bit, the results are anything but ordinary.

For these Soft Scrambled Eggs with Brie from Food Network Magazine, it all comes down to a less-is-more approach when cooking. Once the eggs have had a few seconds to set up, use a spatula to slowly pull them into a loose scramble rather than breaking them up vigorously. Perhaps the most-important part of achieving soft results is not overcooking the eggs; by sauteing them only until they're set, you'll ensure a tender, moist finished product that's not dried out. When it comes to the flavor of the eggs, it takes only one more main ingredient — creamy Brie — to transform this quick-fix scramble. The rich, slightly tangy cheese melts as it’s nestled among the eggs and turns ooey-gooey just before serving.

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