4 Raw Corn Recipes to Make Before Summer Ends

Raw corn is perfect for salads, salsas and topping pizzas.

Photo by: Tara Donne

Tara Donne

As you wind down during the dog days of August, save yourself a step and stop cooking your summer corn. You’ll notice that crisp raw corn kernels taste sweeter than boiled or grilled corn. Raw corn is perfect for salads, salsas and topping pizzas. Read on for four raw corn recipes you’ll want to make before summer’s over.

Fresh Corn and Tomato Salad (pictured above)

Raw corn balances out the acidity of summer tomatoes and vinegar. For this salad, you’ll start by whisking together a white wine vinaigrette. Shave fresh ears of corn and combine the kernels with tomatoes, mozzarella and scallions. Toss it all with the dressing and you'll have a fresh summer salad in 30 minutes.

In 30 minutes you can have a colorful and flavor-packed pasta salad thanks to this recipe. It combines the best of summer produce, including raw corn kernels and fresh tomatoes, so you can use up your summer haul before the season’s over.

Stir together protein-packed pinto beans, sweet corn and fresh tomatoes for a quick dish that requires little more than a lime juice and olive oil dressing. Serve this dish as a salad or break out the tortilla chips and eat it as a chunky dip.

This pizza features summer’s freshest flavors. You’ll top a store-bought pizza dough with sliced mozzarella, garlic and raw corn. Once the pizza is done baking in the oven, sprinkle fresh basil on top for an additional pop of color.

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