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Alton Brown and Jet TIla discuss the sabotages the competitors faced as they prepared pad Thai and birthday cake.

While some Cutthroat Kitchen sabotages, like mandatory utensils and the exclusive use of salt, are frequently used on the show, some are used far less often. On tonight's all-new episode, Alton unveiled a never-before-seen sabotage that was enough to turn the kitchen into a party of sorts.

In Round 3's birthday cake challenge, Chef Jessica was gifted what every birthday girl surely wants on her special day: a tower of beautifully wrapped presents. Some boxes were filled with silly toys and games, but Chef Jessica was after the select few containing critical ingredients needed to execute her cake, including flour, eggs and sugar. "Make them unwrap presents until they found [what they needed]," Alton explained to judge Jet Tila of the objective of this particular sabotage. "It was one of my proudest moments," he joked with a smile during his After-Show . "If you picked incorrectly, this would take 20, 30 minutes," Jet mused.

Despite the novelty of this challenge and the extra work Chef Jessica had to endure in order to find her baking supplies, she ultimately rose to the occasion and turned out a cake plate worthy of her talents as a pastry chef.

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