Willie Degel Shuts It Down: A Restaurant Stakeout First

On an all-new Restaurant Stakeout this Wednesday at 9|8c, host Willie Degel does the unthinkable, by shutting down a restaurant for the first time. On the episode, Ricky, the owner of the Red Room in New Rochelle, New York, has been faced with running his mom's restaurant. But without any experience, he's put all his trust in his staff — a decision that might not be the wisest. Luckily, Willie is there to show him what's really going on, and to help him see that sometimes you have to close one door in order to open another.

Ricky hired Jason, a manager with many years of experience, to help him keep the restaurant open. Unfortunately, Ricky's lack of direction and Jason's lack of leadership have created a staff that doesn’t put in the work at all. With a manager who prefers to lounge about the restaurant, and staff that are mismanaged and misinformed about their duties, the restaurant has been losing customers. And Ricky has taken a blind eye to all that's unfolded in the past year. It takes Willie to show him what's really been in front of his eyes all along. In the end, Ricky must make a difficult decision: seeing if it's worth saving the restaurant; or deciding to cut his losses, move on and hope the future will be brighter for everyone involved.

Watch Restaurant Stakeout this Wednesday at 9|8c to see what unfolds.

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