Halloween Wars Q&As: Hear from the Team Members of Spell Binders

Hear from the members of Spell Binders, one of five teams competing on Halloween Wars, Season 5.
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Grab a bucket of candy and prepare for a scare, because Season 5 of Halloween Wars is set to begin Sunday, Oct. 4 (premiering at 9|8c). Before this fright-night celebration of all things spooky and sugary begins, FN Dish is taking you inside the competition to hear from the five teams of Halloween warriors who will be facing off for the chance at a whopping $50,000.

Today we're introducing you to team Spell Binders, made up of Kristen Lovullo, Joseph Yakovetic and Charity George. Read on below to hear from all three of them.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Halloween?

Kristen Lovullo: The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Halloween is creating fun and spooky treats for the Bake Shoppe.

Joseph Yakovetic: The first thing that comes to mind is pumpkins — what else?

Charity George: [I think of] setting up all our crazy Halloween decorations at my house and how we will change it up every year.

What monster scares you the most?
KL: Zombies are the scariest monsters by far!

JY: The monster that hid in my closet scared me — I just knew the door moved and he was probably a vampire.

CG: The truly satanic serial killer monster scares me the most.

How are you feeling going into the competition, and what is your biggest fear?

KL: I am feeling pretty confident going into the competition. My biggest fear is not performing at my best. I set very high standards for myself.

JY: I’m feeling good going into the competition. What is "fear"?

CG: Feeling good! Very confident! My biggest fear would be not getting stuff done in time.

What is your favorite tool?
KL: My X-Acto knife is my favorite tool.

JY: My favorite tools are the ones that get the job done quickly.

CG: My favorite tool is PVC tubing.
How are you approaching the competition?
KL: With a healthy amount of confidence

JY: I’m approaching the competition calmly and with confidence.

CG: I’m going into the competition super strategized.

What is the most-daunting project you have ever completed?

KL: I will always remember the enormous gingerbread display that I made for a large company holiday party. Getting through it felt like a marathon! Super tough, but it made me tougher cake artist.

JY: Personally, being a dad, and it ain't over. Professionally, illustrating and art directing 24 Little Mermaid books for Disney and having one year to complete the task, [and] that means two books a month, plus all the promotional material that goes with it, and designing the books and hiring a staff of artists to help get the job done.

CG: 7-foot-high showpiece cakes (and maybe a life-size Elvis cake)

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