At Odds Over the Definition of Whoopie Pies; Susan's "Whoopee Cushion" Cake — Holiday Baking Championship, Episode 3 in GIFs

Relive the funniest moments from Episode 3 of Holiday Baking Championship in GIFs.

This past week, the bakers on Holiday Baking Championship made whoopie pies for the Pre Heat and candy-filled cakes for their Main Heat. Let's just say that both were easier said than done. When it came to tasting the bakers' whoopie pies, the judges couldn't agree on the definition, because most of the treats definitely didn't fit the mold. Actually, some bakers used molded pans, muffin tins or even sheet pans, as poor Susan did, cutting out rings of cake. When it came to the stuffed cake challenge, she tried to redeem herself by cooking a spherical cake modeled after an ornament; unfortunately, it collapsed under gravity. Relive some of the funniest moments from the episode in GIFs.

Lorraine doesn't think Adalberto's leaf-shaped whoopie pies are whoopie pies, but Nancy disagrees.

Nancy doesn't think Steve's whoopie pies made in doughnut molds are whoopie pies, but this time Lorraine disagrees.

Duff sides with Lorraine, and Steve ends up winning the Pre Heat.

Bobby reveals the challenge with a candy-pooping turkey pinata.

Susan's cake is not what she was going for.

Melody tells Bobby she's making a beet cake. Yes, a beet cake.

Warning: Never open a packet of food coloring with your teeth.

Lorraine is so impressed by Melody's cake that she can't stop talking.

Susan pokes fun at her own cake's shortcomings, even calling it "Santa's whoopee cushion."

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