It's All in the Eye of the Beholder — John's Journey on Holiday Baking Championship in GIFs

Relive in GIFs some of the funniest moments with John, the judges and the toothpaste debacle from Holiday Baking Championship.

So far in this season of Holiday Baking Championship we've seen Joe go home for serving crunchy, pretty much raw apple pie. But this week we saw John go home for a cookie wreath that left the judges wanting more, a lot more, especially in design. John also was in the bottom with Joe back in Episode 1 for an overbaked pie, but it was his use of white chocolate, or what Lorraine called "toothpaste," that has stayed in the judges' mind. This week he used "toothpaste" again — not once, but twice — and the judges weren't fans of it any more than they were the previous week. Relive in GIFs some of the funniest moments with John, the judges and the toothpaste debacle from the series.

The First Notice: What Lorraine thinks of John's plate decoration underneath his cookies.

Danger — Spikes Ahead: Duff's just a little afraid of John's chocolate pie.

Painfully Obvious: Duff and the judges are renegotiating the show's dental coverage.

Trying Again: John puts some more "toothpaste" on his plate underneath his brownies.

This Time It's On Purpose: Lorraine addresses the "toothpaste" issue yet again.

John's Lame Excuse: Really, John, that's your reason?

The Last Straw: At this point it's a bad habit!

What It Looks Like: Lorraine, thank you for that visual!

Santa's Been Tanning: Duff points out another issue with John's dessert decoration.

Jersey Shore Santa: According to Duff, that's not how they tan in Los Angeles, John.

Watch Holiday Baking Championship on Sunday at 9|8c to see which baker will go home next.

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