Worst Cooks in America: The Best of Episode 5 in GIFs

Relive the funniest moments from Episode 5 of Worst Cooks in America entirely in GIFs.

Relive some of the craziest and funniest moments from Worst Cooks in America in the following GIFs.

Nick adds sound effects to what he's doing (pictured above).

Holgie, this might not be the right place to reveal that information.

The lengths Chanda is willing to go to are telling of her desperation.

Anne wonders about that one.

Ginny's making eyes at Tyler.

That's the wrong show, Tyler!

Taylor does quality control for his beer batter.

Tyler just can't watch Holgie take that first cut.

Ginny is giving Tyler some interesting mental pictures!

This blessing is just as good as the pope's.

Tyler demonstrates how most of the recruits' fillets look.

We feel ya, Anne!
Tyler, don't forget to give Ginny a ring!

Tune in next Sunday at 10|9c to see what hilarity and zaniness take over Boot Camp.

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