How to Win Summer

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Cooler Shrimp Boil

Hack your cooler to cook a shrimp boil fit for any summer party.


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Take 5: Switch Up Your Dinner Routine with Foil-Pack Grilling Jun 25, 2017

By: Colleen Park

If you’re looking to take advantage of the longer, sun-filled days of summer, try taking your weeknight dinners outdoors to the grill. Add foil packs to your cooking arsenal and you’ve got easy, mess-free grilling for everything from BBQ meatloaf to paella – all in under an hour.

Our Meatiest 5-Star Dishes for Dad’s Special Day Jun 13, 2017

By: Emily Lee

These meaty 5-star recipes are fit for a Father's Day feast.

Take 5: Cool Hot Dogs for Memorial Day May 28, 2017

By: Colleen Park

Whether you’re planning a killer cookout for Memorial Day or just a meal for your family, hot dogs are definitely one of the easiest crowd-pleasers to get on the grill. That said, we think it’s time to take things beyond ketchup and mustard. Make your franks extra special by dressing them up with these themed toppings.

2 Easy Foil-Packet Dinners That Will Save Your Sanity Come Cleanup Time Aug 27, 2016

By: Maria Russo

The secret to easy dinner? The quick-fix foil pouch.

Frozen Desserts That Actually Improve Upon Ice Cream Aug 18, 2016

By: Sara Levine

Eating ice cream straight out of the carton is perfectly acceptable when you're alone, of course, but you'll want to whip up one of these frozen treats (made with store-bought pints) for your next get-together.

How to Perfectly Grill Your Favorite Cut of Steak Aug 9, 2016

By: Lauren Piro

Get it just right, every single time.

6 Shrimp Classics That Are Loads Better on the Grill Aug 7, 2016

By: Allison Milam

Shrimp are quick to cook and even quicker to disappear from your plate, but they're even better smoky and hot off the grill.

Grilled Pizza Beats Baked Pizza Every Time Aug 1, 2016

By: Elizabeth Brownfield

These pies are proof that when it comes to pizza, grilled beats oven-baked every time.

Escape the Midsummer Dinner Doldrums with 5 New Kebab Combos Jul 28, 2016

By: Regan Burns

Discover five kebab recipes for the grill, then give new life to staple ingredients by threading them onto skewers for a refreshing twist on dinner.

Beat BBQ FOMO: How to Live Your Life Like You Own a Grill This Summer Jul 19, 2016

By: Allison Milam

With your trusty grill pan, cast-iron skillet or griddle (and sometimes your oven), you can churn out char-marked, meaty favorites, even if the magic happens in the great indoors.