Grill Burgers & Hot Dogs with FN Chefs

Ultimate Burger Bar

Tyler Florence provides ideas for creating your own ultimate burger.

FN Stars' Cookout Classics

Sandwich King's Top Dog

Jeff masters hot dogs, too: Dig into his dogs on pretzel buns.

Jeff's Cheesy Pretzel Dogs

Ina's Super Sliders

These beefy bite-size burgers are topped with Gruyère.

Barefoot Contessa's Mini Burgers

Sunny's Super Stuffed Burgers

Reinvent the classic burger by filling it with everything you'd normally put on top! Sunny stuffs hers with bacon, onion and cheese.

Customize Your Burgers & Hot Dogs

Easy Hot Dog Bar

Feed a crowd with chili dogs, chips, slaw and a fruit trifle.

Summery Spread

All-Star Burger Menu

Serve up Bobby's classic burgers with pickles, fries and shakes.

Burger Bash

50 Burger Recipes

Find 50 burger ideas from Food Network Magazine.

Burger Inspiration

Sausage with Marsala Sauce

Indulge in this classic combo on fresh Italian bread.

Watch Giada Make It

Crunchify It 34 Videos

See how Bobby makes his famous potato-chip-topped burger.