Grilling Shopping Guide: Tabletop Accessories

Turn your kitchen and backyard into the perfect spots for festive summer fetes with these items.

Photo By: Goverre | Portable Wine Glasses

Maple Display Board with Flower Engraving, $29

Piece together the most sophisticated hors d'oeuvres your guests have ever seen by serving cheeses, charcuterie, fresh fruit and more on this maple board engraved with festive floral patterns.

Goverre Portable Wine Glasses, $24 Each

Think of these portable wine glasses as the classiest sippy cups ever. The makers of this clever, stemless design have eliminated the risk of spillage and broken glass — the ultimate party fouls — thanks to the protective silicone sleeve and convenient drink-through lid.

Mason Jar Drink Dispenser, $69

Any host who loves serving drinks in Mason jars will flip for this jumbo drink dispenser to match.

Ceramic Flamingo Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, $10

These adorable salt and pepper shakers are #twinning, but that's not the only reason we love them. They're a fun yet subtle way to play up the pink theme that's going to be so popular this summer.

Fluted Gold-Rimmed Loaf Pan, $18

Get ready for no-churn ice cream season! This simple frozen treat requires very few ingredients and no expensive equipment — but one thing you'll need on hand is a loaf pan, for freezing. Rather than using the clunky metal guy you rely on for baking, we think this elegant fluted pan is the perfect freezer-to-table vessel for your creative homemade batches.

Zak Rainbow Confetti Salad Plates, $5 Each

Add a pop of color to your summer tablescape with these eco-friendly plates. Made with 40% recycled melamine, each plate features a fun rainbow confetti design. Use them for serving everything from salad to sides and dessert.

Ice Cream Shoppe Napkin, $40 for 4 Napkins

The playful graphics on these durable linen napkins speak to the soda jerk inside us all.

12-Piece Modern Dinnerware Set, $99

When this specific shade of light pink began popping up everywhere earlier this year, the Internet was quick to name it. It's called "millennial pink" — after the generation that made it so pervasive. If the color hasn't yet made its debut in your home, this modern, minimalist, good-for-every-occasion dinnerware set is a perfect place to start.

Enamel Pie Set, $75

These stacked enamel pie plates are handy for cobblers, crumbles, buckles — pretty much every summer dessert under the sun.

Brass Dessert Scoop, $85

Spring-loaded ice cream scoops are unlikely to survive season after season of sundae building, so we recommend investing in a sturdier tool that can attack even the most-rock-solid pints of ice cream. This elegant brass scoop will surely get the job done.

Milk Glass 10-Inch Cake Stand, $58

This glass-footed piece in a delicate hue has a vintage feel that is just as striking as your cakes and pies themselves. Debut it this summer and carry it into your fall and winter tablescapes.

Mini Porcelain Tartlets, $1 Each

Prefer to keep dessert light? These tartlet ramekins guarantee perfectly portioned desserts whether you're baking for your family or for the entire block. And if you're up for fussing with pastry crust, you can also fill them with nuts, lemon curd, fresh berries — whatever suits your mood.

Bartending Glasses, $20 Set of 4

You'll never have to consult a recipe book again when making Bloody Marys or mojitos, thanks to these handy shot glasses. They double as measuring utensils for four different classic cocktails.

Berry Box Colanders, $5 Each

The iconic farmers market berry box is reimagined in glazed porcelain as a charming, functional kitchen accent.

Harper + Oldham Storage Jars, $34 for Set of 4

Taking your meal to go? These adorable illustrated jars are perfect for toting salad, cookies and more to the beach or park. When you're not picnicking, they'll double as reusable storage containers for your leftovers.

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