Recipes and Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

100-Calorie Sweets
100-Calorie Sweets

Love to indulge but trying to keep calories sensible? Check out how these treats stack up.

250 Calories of Food
250 Calories of Food

Here’s the best way to get the most bang for your caloric buck. 

Added Sugar
Added Sugar

Too much added sugar can cause problems for your health.

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Healthy Eating Basics
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Juice Recipes

You don't have to hit the juice bar to make these colorful drinks.

Feed Your Probiotics    

Probiotics are friendly bacteria found in certain fermented foods. They love prebiotics, which are small, nondigestible carbohydrates. Eating both together may keep your bacteria friends happy.

Pair These Ingredients
Tips from Guy's Grocery Games

Turn an ordinary meal into a healthier one with these simple substitutions and healthy leftover ingredients.