Taste Test: Beyond Tortilla Chips

These chips are made with a variety of healthy ingredients and are pretty darn tasty.

With any delicious dip, you must have a tasty chip. In the past several years, an influx of tortilla chip alternatives has hit market shelves. These chips are made with a variety of healthy ingredients and are pretty darn tasty. Here are seven you must try.

Cabo Chips (pictured above)

If you’re looking for a better-for-you, authentic-tasting tortilla chip, look no further. Cabo has four flavors already on market shelves, with the Original flavor containing five ingredients. All Cabo chips are vegan, gluten-free, 100 percent whole grains, and Non-GMO Project Verified. In June 2015, Cabo is launching an Ancient Grain chip made with teff, chia, amaranth and more than 100 milligrams of Omega-3s per serving. I got to taste these new Ancient Grain chips and all I can say is, "Oh, my, wow!"

Per serving of Ancient Grain chips (1 ounce, about 12 chips): Calories 130; Fat 6 g (Saturated 1 g); Sodium 70 mg; Carbohydrate 18 g; Fiber 2 g

Way Better Snacks combines sprouted whole grains and seeds with corn tortilla chips, taking chips to the next level. Available flavors include Multigrain, Black Bean, No Salt Naked Blues and Sweet Potato. The chips are sturdy enough to dip and super delicious. They’re also certified gluten-free and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Per serving of Multigrain chips (1 ounce, about 11 chips): Calories 130; Fat 7 g (Saturated .5 g); Sodium 90 mg; Carbohydrate 15 g; Fiber 3 g

Terra offers a wide array of vegetable chips appealing to a variety of taste buds. The new flavors available include Exotic Harvest (a combo of kabocha, carrots and blue potatoes) and Sweet Onion Chips. Other flavors within Terra's exotic vegetable collection include sweet potato, batata, yucca, parsnip and ruby taro. Terra chips resemble potato chips more than tortilla chips, but they can dip just the same.

Per serving of Exotic Harvest Sea Salt Chips (1 ounce, about 16 chips): Calories 130; Fat 6 g (Saturated .5 g); Sodium 160 mg; Carbohydrate 16 g; Fiber 3 g

A combination of chickpeas and whole grains, these air-popped crisps are crunchy and light. Kashi's Whole Grain Blend includes rolled oats, hard red wheat, rye, brown rice, triticale, barley and buckwheat. Flavors include Caramelized Onion, Sundried Tomato, Basil, & Feta, and Sea Salt & Olive Oil.

Per serving of Sea Salt & Olive Oil crisps (1 ounce, about 27 crisps): Calories 120 calories; Fat 3.5 g (Saturated 0 g); Sodium 180 mg; Carbohydrate 21 g; Fiber 4 g

These lentil chips are mighty tasty and sturdy enough for dipping. They are also wheat, dairy, soy and nut free, making them perfect for those with allergies. They’re certified gluten-free and Non-GMO Project Verified. Flavors include Light Sea Salt, Dill & Sour Cream, Margherita Pizza, and Garlic & Parmesan. These lentil chips, however, have more sodium than any of the others by far.

Per serving of Light Sea Salt chips (1 ounce): Calories 130; Fat 6 g (Saturated 0 g); Sodium 420 mg; Carbohydrate 17 g; Fiber 1 g

These sturdy tortilla chips are made with a corn base and have vegetable powders added. They come in Spinach & Garlic, Red Beet & Onion and Carrot, and Tomato & Sesame flavors. These chips are also gluten-free, Non-GMO Project Verified and mighty tasty.

Per serving (1 ounce, about 7 chips): Calories 140; Fat 6 g (Saturated 1 g); Sodium 50 mg; Carbohydrate 19 g; Fiber 2 g

These addictive light and airy chips are gluten-free and have only a few ingredients listed on the nutrition facts panel. As the name indicates, the chips are similar in taste to popcorn, though they hold up very well to dips. They come in Sea Salt, Caramel, Sweet Cinnamon, Kettle, Cheesy Jalapeno and Butter flavors.

Per serving of Sea Salt chips (1 ounce): Calories 140; Fat 3.5 g (Saturated 0 g); Sodium 190 mg; Carbohydrate 24 g; Fiber 0 g

Toby Amidor, MS, RD, CDN, is a registered dietitian and consultant who specializes in food safety and culinary nutrition. She is the author of The Greek Yogurt Kitchen: More Than 130 Delicious, Healthy Recipes for Every Meal of the Day. She is also an RD spokesperson for Kashi Foods.

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