Holidays Across America

We asked chefs across the country for their favorite holiday recipes.

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Blackberry Farm Cookbook 2 - butter-braised cipollini onions wiht arugula and balsamic syrup

Sam Beall is proprietor of the award-winning Blackberry Farm resort in Tennessee and author of The Foothills Cuisine of Blackberry Farm and The Blackberry Farm Cookbook.

“My memories of the holidays with my family — especially New Year's — always involved a big meal out on a hunting camp in the country. In fact, growing up, hunting is about all I did on the weekends if it wasn’t football season. Duck hunting was my favorite — now, one of my favorite ways to cook duck is a recipe that the chef at The Barn at Blackberry Farm came up with in homage to his mother’s chicken and dumplings, which is a classic Southern meal. He takes it to a new level by making the dumplings like gnocchi and swapping chicken for succulent, confited duck leg. It makes an ordinary dish new and extraordinary.”

Serve it with: Duck is great for wine drinkers since it can go either way when pairing — from a full-bodied white like an American Chardonnay or a Roussanne from the Rhone Valley, to a red like a Burgundian Pinot Noir or a great Grenache. Or, for that matter, to beer — a traditional Belgian saison-style ale, with lots of acidity, which would be delicious.

Pro tip: We use pumpkins in our kitchens all throughout the fall and winter — in soup, purées, salads and lots more. The chefs’ favorite cooking pumpkin is called the Kentucky Field pumpkin — it’s an old type that is light tan and stands up to storage really well.