Shortcut Kids' Snacks for Game Day

If you have children on your guest list, here are ten finger-friendly snacks to keep the peewee league happy.

For Kids, Super Bowl

Your first line of party defense? Having food the kids will eat, too. Keep a few of these snack ideas in your back pocket and you'll win the day even if your team doesn't.

1. Fiesta Cups: Scoop salsa, guacamole, sour cream and cheese into disposable cups and give one to each kid. (Bonus points for using clear containers to show off the layers.) Double dippers can go to town.

2. Happy Feet: Spruce up plain deviled eggs with snipped chives arranged to look like laces on a pair of cleats.

3. Hike It Cheese Ball: Go long and mold a store-bought or homemade cheese ball into the shape of a football. Roll it in chopped pecans or walnuts to cover up any cracks, then top with strips of roasted red pepper "laces."

4. Walking Tacos (aka Frito Pie): What's better than loading up a tortilla with your favorite fixings? Loading up tortilla chips. Set out a pot of chili, bowls of toppings and a basket of single-serving chip bags with the sides cut open and let everyone assemble his or her own dish. Serve with plastic forks for even quicker cleanup.

5. The Pizza Play: Arrange thinly sliced pepperoni in the shape of a football over the middle of a frozen pizza pie. Place strands of string cheese across the center for laces. Bake until warm and gooey. If your crowd likes the green stuff, a "field" of chopped herbs sprinkled around the edges makes a cute finishing touch.

6. Healthier Heroes: Skip the bread and layer deli ham, salami, mortadella and cheese between cucumber rounds for a two-bite take on the classic Italian sub.

7. Touchdown Cupcakes: Use a tube of white icing to draw yard lines and numbers on the tops of store-bought cupcakes and arrange them on a table in the shape of a field. Cupcakes with green frosting are extra nice, but plain chocolate works fine, too. (Think pickup games in a muddy park.)

8. Pass-and-Play Eclairs: Hit with cupcake overload? Follow the next food trend and go retro hip with chocolate eclairs that have white icing laces.

9. Sweet Shirts: Turn blondies or brownies into pintsize jerseys with the help of a shirt-shaped cookie cutter. Use an icing pen, peanut butter or chocolate-hazelnut spread to glue on candy-coated chocolates in the colors of the competing teams.

10. Super (Fruit) Bowl: Score points with something fresh. Hit the grocery store salad bar and pick up a variety of cut fruit. Arrange in bowls according to team colors — blueberries and pineapple (blue and gold), cantaloupe and blackberries (orange and black), or strawberries and kiwis (red and green).

50+ Game-Day Snacks