Turn a pumpkin into a candy dish with pumpkin-carving ideas from Food Network Magazine.


Photo By: Trevor Dixon

Photo By: Trevor Dixon

Photo By: Trevor Dixon

Photo By: Trevor Dixon

Photo By: Trevor Dixon

Double Take

Cut holes from the bottoms of two pumpkins, remove the seeds, then replace the bottoms of the pumpkins. Carve the words "Tricks" and "Treats" into the pumpkins (draw the letters with a pencil, or print out our stencil). Fill the "Tricks" one with plastic spider rings and the "Treats" one with candy.

Wide Receiver    

Carve eyes, a nose and a larger-than-average mouth, remove the seeds, then fill with candy.

Chain of Demand

Cut a hole in the bottom of a large pumpkin, remove the seeds, then replace the bottom of the pumpkin. Using a small serrated knife, carve a few 2-to-3-inch circles around the pumpkin. Use double-sided tape or glue dots (available at craft stores) to make several chains of fun-size candy bars. Place the chains inside the pumpkin and feed one through each hole.

Pop Art

Cut off the top of the pumpkin's stem, drill a hole through the base of the stem and insert a dowel. Carve out a lid and remove the seeds. Photocopy a lollipop wrapper — enlarged at 400 percent — and tape a few sheets together (we used 11-by-17-inch paper). Wrap the lid in foil and cover it with a wrapper as shown; tie the gathering with string. Wrap the main pumpkin with the rest of the paper, taping as you go. Fill the pumpkin with matching lollipops and replace the lid.

Full Metal

Carve lids from two pumpkins, remove the seeds, then spray-paint the pumpkins silver and gold. Fill with matching foil-wrapped candy.

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