How Food Network Chefs Celebrate 26 Videos

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Reindeer Cake 01:03

Turn a chocolate cake into a holiday treat inspired by Santa's helpers.

Easiest Christmas Ever: Let Us Plan the Menu

Christmas Eve Supper

Make a seafood feast with cioppino and baked clams.

Italian-Style Feast

Celebratory Christmas Treats

Christmas Brownie Trees

Make brownies extra special with green frosting and candy.

Super-Simple Holiday Treat

Hot Chocolate Hot Tubs 02:29

Let your gingerbread people take a dip this year.

Gingerbread in Hot Tubs

Cupcake Christmas Tree

Transform basic chocolate cupcakes into a centerpiece.

Easy, Edible Decor

Pull-Apart Gingerbread Man

Make a giant gingerbread man out of cupcakes!

Dessert for All

Christmas Breakfast Casseroles

Carve Roast Beef

These Christmas dinner mains are as impressive as your family's tree.

Roast Beef Recipes