Holiday How-Tos

10 Uses for Leftover Eggnog
10 Uses for Leftover Eggnog

There's no end to what you can do with that extra quart hanging around in your fridge.

Edible Holiday Centerpieces
Edible Holiday Centerpieces

These creative ideas are sure to be the star of any holiday party.

Party with Your Slow Cooker
Party with Your Slow Cooker

Save oven space by making these festive holiday recipes in your slow cooker.

How to Win the Holidays
Holiday Cooking School
How to Stock Up for the Holidays

Beat the crowds and hit the supermarket weeks — even months — before the busy season.

Recipes & Tips for Healthier Holidays
Holiday Baking Projects, Step by Step
How to Make Sugar Cookies

Make buttery, crisp-edged cutout sugar cookies to decorate however you please.

5 Steps to Cookie Perfection
How to Use Up Holiday Leftovers

Instead of tossing those holiday leftovers to avoid more overindulging, use them to your advantage.