New Year's Foods from Around the World


Here are nine foods people eat all over the world to be lucky in the new year.


Pomegranates: Turkey

Consumption of this fruit brings abundance and fertility in the new year.



Grapes: Spain

Pop a grape into your mouth for each time the bell tolls once the clock strikes midnight.



Sauerkraut: Germany

The more strands in a bowl, the more prosperity the new year will bring.



Fish: Asia and Europe

Swimming ahead and never moving backward, fish symbolize hope.


Black-Eyed Peas and Collard Greens: The Southern United States

The legumes represent coins and the greens represent dollars — when served together, it’s a wish for prosperity.



Lentils: Italy

Italians eat lentils for good fortune in the new year, as these legumes resemble coins.


Noodles: Asia

The long strands symbolize a long life — eat the noodles without them breaking.


Pork: Italian

Pigs symbolize wealth and prosperity in many European countries, where they are enjoyed as sausages in Germany and pig's feet in Sweden.


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Rosca de Reyes: Mexico

This ring-shaped cake is baked with a trinket or two inside and decorated with candied fruit. Finding the trinket in your slice means luck's coming your way.