Summer Entertaining Guide

Simple Summer Parties
Simple Summer Parties

These summer party recipes come together in a cinch, so there's more time for pool lounging.  

Summer Desserts
Summer Desserts

Celebrate the season with fresh fruit.

Family-Friendly Drinks
Family-Friendly Drinks

These sips suit kids and adults alike.

No-Fuss Summer Entertaining Ideas
Outside-the-Box Skewers
Slice of Summer

You don't need a special occasion to bake this cold, summery cake.

Chicken Salad, Reinvented

Put your own spin on chicken salad with new takes on the classic.

Stick to the Basics   
Party-Ready Watermelon Recipe

Nibble watermelon off the rind, or bring it into a bright, refreshing summer salad.


More Ways for Watermelon