Great Gifts for Your Favorite Home Cook

Food enthusiasts will love these versatile gifts, like handy cookware, countertop acccents and clever gadgets.
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Bee's Wrap — Set of 3 Sizes, $18

Made of beeswax and organic cotton, these reusable wraps offer a natural food-storage alternative to plastic wrap. Use one to wrap up bread, cheese and vegetables, or simply to cover a bowl. Your holiday host will be glad to have these on hand when it comes time to store the leftovers.

Mason Jar-Inspired Kitchenware, $6 to $15

If your favorite foodie maintains a retro kitchen, consider this handy collection of ceramic kitchen tools, which includes a utensil jar, spoon rest, and salt and pepper shakers.

Tortilla Warmer, $38

Upgrade Taco Tuesdays with the help of these heavyweight canvas tortilla warmers, which hold in the heat while you prep taco fillings. Trying to steer clear of one-trick ponies? Don't worry; these warmers work just as well with pancakes, waffles and pita bread.

Photography courtesy of Mark Weinberg and Rocky Luten

Baking Steel, $89 to $128

Tell the master pizzaioli in your life to toss out their pizza stones, because they’ll never achieve a better crust than one that’s left to crisp up on this sturdy baking steel. It’s preseasoned, flat (and therefore easy to store) and virtually indestructible. You can pop it in the oven, heat it up over a grill or even use it as a stovetop griddle.

Photography courtesy of Mark Weinberg

Glasslock 20-Piece Glass Storage Set, $50

Give the home chef in your life a reason to ditch plastic food-storage containers once and for all. This affordable glass alternative is designed to hold up in the dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer. It will sure come in handy when you're boxing up the leftovers from a holiday meal.

Fagor Innova Pressure Cooker — 6-Quart, $140

Any food aficionado will preach the wonders of slow-cooked meals, from juicy carnitas to creamy custard. But as for time efficiency, the slow cooker leaves a lot to be desired. Give the gift of flavor and efficiency in the form of a stovetop pressure cooker, which can reduce cook time by up to 70 percent — wowza!

Textured Mortar & Pestle, $24

If your friends and family members are hooked on preground spices, it’s time to show them the benefits of grinding your own. Once pulverized, aromatics begin to lose their flavor and potency, so it’s worth the time and effort to do it yourself — ideally with an elegant mortar and pestle like this sturdy stoneware option. Not only is it functional, but it also makes for a stylish countertop accent.

Calphalon Signature Flat-Bottom Wok, $100

Addicted to stir-fry? You’ll achieve a more even sear with this nonstick, flat-bottomed wok. Crafted from hard-anodized aluminum, it's so durable that you can cook with metal spatulas, spoons and whisks — and yes, it's dishwasher-safe.

Acacia Salt Cellar, $10

Those of you who hide frumpy boxes of salt in the pantry can start displaying your salt proudly on your countertop in this rich acacia-wood salt cellar. That way, it will always be at your fingertips. You can even use it for storing dried herbs and other seasonings.

Emile Henry Flame Braiser — 3.4-Quart, $180

As we enter another winter, nothing will be of greater use come mealtime than this burgundy clay braiser. Designed to withstand high temperatures and direct heat, this elegant oven-to-table vessel will carry you through one comforting braised meal after the next.

OXO 7-Piece Grate & Slice Set, $30

Meal prep sometimes feels so daunting that it drives us to order takeout — even if we like to cook. But a handy mandoline and box grater will help you grate, slice and julienne your vegetables and cheese.

Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender & Chopper, $60

If the cook in your life is still pureeing soup in a blender, it's time to get him or her an immersion blender. This one will puree a pot of soup in seconds and can make a smoothie for one, but it also has a chopping attachment and a whisk, so it acts as a stand-in for larger appliances. You can whip up a small amount of whipped cream or chop an onion half without using (or washing) your mixer or food processor.

Food Network 5-Piece Mixing Bowl Set, $30

Mixing bowls are crucial to meal prep, but there's no reason for them to be drab or clunky. This multicolored option adds a lively touch to any kitchen — and the bowls nest for easier storage.

Hedley & Bennett Apron, $58 to $145

It's important to keep your precious duds safe and clean while working your magic in the kitchen, and Hedley & Bennett has long been the apron of choice for professional and home chefs. Consider sending one to your host in advance of your holiday meal; he or she will surely appreciate it.

Fresh Pasta Set, $84

True connoisseurs of Italian food can always tell fresh, handmade pasta from the boxed, shelf-stable stuff. But why leave it up to the restaurant chefs when you can enjoy fresh angel hair, spaghetti, lasagna or ravioli at home? This steel pasta-making set from CucinaPro takes the mystery out of the process.

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