Go Nuts: Easy Thanksgiving Decorations

Use nuts as inspiration for easy Thanksgiving table decor from Food Network Magazine.

Cone of Plenty

Turn store-bought waffle cones into mini cornucopias: Just fill the cones with spiced nuts and put one at each place setting.

Get the Recipe: Sweet Spiced Nuts

Mmm ... Mums

Put out a centerpiece of real chrysanthemums mixed with edible mum cupcakes: Starting in the middle of a vanilla-frosted cupcake, push sliced almond pieces, skin-side up, into the frosting to make the center of the flower. Continue placing whole sliced almonds in concentric circles to cover the cupcake.


Make a runner for the kids' table out of craft or butcher paper and keep the little ones entertained with tic-tac-toe. Draw grids on the paper and use two kinds of nuts for X's and O's.

The Better Half

Walnut halves are the perfect size for individual salt and pepper cellars: Using a nutcracker, carefully open a walnut along its vertical seam. Save the nut and fill the empty halves with kosher salt and freshly ground pepper for each place setting.

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