Grilling Shopping Guide: Sauces, Rubs and More Essential Summer Edibles

Serve or cook with some of Food Network's favorite sauces, barbecue accompaniments and seasonal sweets at your outdoor gathering.

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The Owl's Brew Wicked Green, $10 for 8 Ounces

Cold-brewed coffee had its big moment last summer, but this year, look out for lots of new twists on tea. Owl's Brew makes a smooth, bright green tea concentrate with a surprising zip, thanks to habanero peppers and citrus juice. Use it to flavor vodka, gin, tequila or even a glass of bubbly seltzer.

Dark Chocolate & Cold Brew Coffee Goat's Milk Caramel, $26 for 2-Pack

But speaking of cold-brew, the "it" girl of iced coffee breaks new ground this summer in rich caramel from Fat Toad Farm. Try swirling a spoonful onto ice cream for a sweet coffee kick. Or enjoy the equally indulgent spicy dark chocolate caramel, which packs a warm hint of cayenne.


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Butter & Scotch S'mores Pie, $40

With its sweet graham cracker crust, silky milk chocolate ganache and toasted marshmallow fluff topping, it’s easy to see why the S'mores Pie from Butter & Scotch is a staff favorite here at Food Network. Have the campfire-inspired dessert delivered to your door, then serve yourself right away, because it will disappear quickly.

Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha, $10

We challenge you to find a single dish that won't benefit from a drizzle of this condiment from Bushwick Kitchen. The sweet and spicy flavors of classic Sriracha meet the fermented complexity of gochujang chili paste in a way that will leave you weak in the knees, just as the name suggests.

Queen Majesty Hot Sauce, $25 for 3-Pack

This flavor-packed hot sauce trio satisfies every preference across the spice spectrum. Try the pleasantly zippy jalapeno-tequila-lime hot sauce on sunny-side-up eggs, and use the spicier Scotch bonnet-ginger hot sauce on pulled pork or grilled chicken. The red habanero-black coffee is the hottest of the three. We recommend adding just a few drops to meaty barbecued ribs.

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Backyard Barbecue Kettle Chips, $24 for 6-Pack

Whet your guests' appetites for comforting cookout fare by setting out bowls of these crisp kettle chips while you work the grill. Choose from a selection of quintessential summer flavors: sweet corn, peach cobbler and, our favorite, grilled brats.

Sweet Barbecue Popcorn, $24 for 6-Pack

No road trip, picnic or beach day is complete without a trusty snack on hand, and this sweet-and-tangy popcorn has got you covered.


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Bunches & Bunches Mole Trifecta, $36 for 3-Pack

Marinate your way to perfectly seasoned meals this summer with Bunches & Bunches Mole Trifecta. The set includes a rich red mole (excellent for braising meat and poultry), a smokier alternative, plus a fire-roasted chile sauce, which is great as a zesty dip for tortilla chips.

Murray's Cavemaster Reserve Greensward, $30

This cave-aged cow's milk cheese is so luxurious and perfectly spreadable that you really have to eat it to believe it. At $30 per wheel, it's a big splurge, but it's worthy of a special occasion, with its subtle notes of spruce and bacon.

Red Bee Honeycomb Box, $30

If you want to experience honey in its finest form, you have to go right to the source: sweet raw honeycomb, just as the bees created it. Serve it whole with a selection of cheeses for a creative summer dessert.

Plum Tree Tayberry Jam, $12

Tayberries are a cross between blackberries and red raspberries, but what you really need to know is that the fruit makes the most-addictive jam we've tasted in a long time. Croissants, shortbread and toast will all benefit from a generous spoonful, so be sure to have a jar on hand for your next brunch party.


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La Colombe Draft Latte, $10 for 4-Pack

Philly's iconic coffee roasters now offer their coveted draft lattes in convenient, portable cans — the first ever of its kind. Creamy microfoam rests on top of cold-pressed espresso in this must-have summer drink. Serve it on ice, or sip it straight from the can.


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SpikedSeltzer, $9 for 6-Pack

We'll never understand why we waited so long for spiked seltzer, but what matters is that it's here now. Add a splash to your favorite summer cocktails for an effervescent fizz that won't dilute the booze. Or enjoy a bottle on its own — each one contains 6 percent alcohol by volume.

Tea-rrific! Ice Cream, $10 Per Pint

Warming flavors like green tea, chamomile and spicy chai meet the chill of ice cream in this summertime treat. We always knew the breakfast drink had serious dessert potential.

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