4 Grilling Tips You'll Never Forget

Change the way you grill with these easy lessons.


1. Thread foods that spin in two spots for easier flipping.
Ingredients like shrimp or sliced beef may be difficult to control on a skewer when it comes time to flip. Solve the problem by either threading the ingredients with a parallel second skewer (ideal for shrimp) or threading the ingredient twice to secure it in place, ideal for ingredients like scallions or sliced meat.

2. Brush glazes onto grilled foods during only the last 5 to 10 minutes of cooking. 
Grilling sauces often contain high amounts of sugar (think barbecue sauce), which burns quickly and will taste bitter, so avoid brushing sugary sauces on too early in the grilling process.

3. Don’t press down while grilling meat or chicken.
Flattening out steaks and burgers will squeeze out the flavorful juices, resulting in dry, tough food.

4. Season food to taste.
The flavor of a dish depends on a multitude of variables, including freshness of ingredients, how it was prepared and how it is seasoned. Once salt and/or pepper has been added to a savory dish, taste it — if it tastes bland or lacks flavor, season it more and taste again. It takes a seasoned hand to know how much salt is needed without tasting and the difference between a properly seasoned dish and one that is underseasoned is obvious once you find the right balance. The pros sprinkle on the salt from high above a dish, about 12 inches away, to allow for an even coating and to keep the salt from being too concentrated in any one area. To prevent oversalting, use a little bit at a time to start.

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