4 Reasons to Choose Cast Iron


Using and maintaining cast-iron cookware is not only easier than it seems, but it’s worthwhile in ways you wouldn’t expect.

Cast Iron

1. It can be used with any heat source. 
Cookware will go from stovetop to oven to broiler and even campfire without missing a beat. (Glass-top stoves may require special care. Consult manufacturer’s instructions for more information.)

2. It’s easy to clean.
Skip the dish soap, which tends to break down the seasoned surface of the pan — just wipe out the pan and give it a good rinse using hot water, scrubbing it with a soft sponge, if needed, to remove any stuck-on bits. Always remember to dry the pan thoroughly with a kitchen towel before storing to prevent rusting.

3. Food won’t stick to its surface.
The pan’s seasoned surface is the secret to cast iron’s stick-resistant surface — if it’s time to remove or flip the food, it will release easily from the pan. Even delicate foods like fish and eggs can be cooked in a seasoned pan slicked with some oil or melted butter. Plus, cooking with cast iron eliminates the concern behind using materials like Teflon or aluminum, both of which are said to release toxins when used improperly or even heated.

4. The crust is hard to beat. 
Cast iron retains and distributes heat second only to copper, and these qualities allow it to create rich, golden crusts with foods like steak, pancakes and cornbread.

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