8 Tips to Organize Your Plasticware


Free yourself of the frustration of finding a matching lid to a container or having tupperware constantly in a disorderly heap in your cabinets with these tips.

1. Go through all your tupperware and make sure every container has a matching lid. Discard or recycle any container that is missing its counterpart.

2. Chuck any containers that are warped, cracked or are not airtight. If you avoid using containers simply because they are discolored, get rid of them. If you have any tupperware that you never use, find another use for it: in craft projects, for organizing a medicine cabinet or as a container for toys.

3. Empty takeout containers or other plastic yogurt, sour cream or similar vessels are great to pack up with leftovers and send home with guests since you might not mind not having them retuned. However, dump them if you’ve held onto them because you’d “hate to get rid of them” but you never use them. Containers are only useful if they’re actually used.

4. Pull out any containers you use on a daily basis, such as ones for lunch and snacks, and keep them close to the counter where you prepare and pack lunch.

5. If you use more than one brand of plastic storage containers, keep like brands together.

6. Stack the same shapes together and nest them if possible. Store them upside down to avoid dust from collecting; if nesting upright, cover the tops with a lid.

7. Lids can be stored in various ways. If they stack neatly together, keep them in a stack on top of, underneath or next to the corresponding containers. If they don’t stack or interlock, keep them corralled lying on their edges in a container, another plastic bin, a loaf pan, a sturdy shoebox or even a large resealable bag. Separate them by shapes, keeping round ones, square ones and rectangular ones together.

8. If you’re looking to purchase new containers, invest in sets of clear modular ones that stack well and have uniform lids that fit all the containers.

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