Smart Shopping Guide for Healthy Meals


Shopping for your week's groceries is always a puzzle. How do you get everything you need in one shot and avoid midweek runs for forgotten items? Here are some tips from the Food Network Kitchens.

By incorporating your family's likes and dislikes, sticking to a budget and using your store as a map, you will be on your way to a successful supermarket sweep.

This guide outlines weekly shopping strategies for when you want to eat healthy. One great way to put a healthy spin on your cart is to concentrate on the foods around the perimeter of the store. With refrigeration, ventilation and water access, this is where the fresher foods are kept. The foods in the center aisles are generally more processed, with some exceptions like dry and canned single-ingredient items such as beans, grains or baking supplies.

Try thinking about your grocery cart like the food on your plate. Our nation’s new "plate" calls for 50 percent fruits and vegetables! The rest is divided between proteins and whole grains. Seems like a great way to start filling your cart.