Smart Shopping: Game Plan for Entertaining


Shopping for your week's groceries is always a puzzle. How do you get everything you need in one shot and avoid midweek runs for forgotten items? Here are some tips from the Food Network Kitchens.

If you’re planning on entertaining this week, here’s how to build your grocery cart so you can feed a crowd but not stress out. When you entertain, think about how many people you need to feed and what kind of an event you’re having. With some supermarket savvy and a couple money- and time-saving tips, we’ve got you covered this week.

First thing’s first: To give yourself a bit of a wiggle room, buy some fillers. Fillers are easy snacks that require no cooking, just opening containers and transferring into serving vessels (or not!) so your guests have something to nibble on when they walk through the door. Hand them a drink, show them the snacks, and you’re on your way.

  • Antipasti bar: Look for your market’s antipasti bar and stock up on olives, pickles, caperberries, roasted peppers and hearts of palm.
  • Crackers or bread: With a nice box of crackers or a good artisanal loaf, you’ve bought yourself some great options. Serve alongside a small bowl of fruity olive oil, or a stinky block of cheese, and your guests can dip, smear and snack to their hearts’ desire.
  • Nuts: If you don’t already have some nuts lying around, buy a couple varieties. Your guests can snack as they have a drink prior to dinner. If you have leftovers, store nuts in the freezer; they’ll keep longer.