He Made, She Made: Baked Beans

We asked Food Network Star winners Jeff Mauro and Aarti Sequeira for their favorite baked beans. Who makes the better dish?

Who Made it Better?

Jeff tops his baked beans with shaved parmesan cheese, while Aarti simmers her version in root beer.

Jeff Mauro
Jeff Mauro

Tuscan Stovetop Baked Beans

“This flavorful dish is inspired by my favorite rustic Tuscan soup, pasta e fagioli.”
Check Out Jeff's Tuscan Stovetop Baked Beans
Aarti Sequeira
Aarti Sequeira

Root Beer Baked Beans

"I would have loved these baked beans as a kid. Soda in my beans? Yes, please!"

Check Out Aarti's Root Beer Baked Beans
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