Bananas Foster

Total Time:
12 min
5 min
7 min

2 servings

  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 1/4 cup (1.75 ounces) dark brown sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground allspice
  • 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground nutmeg
  • 1 tablespoon banana liqueur
  • 2 under ripe bananas, sliced in half lengthwise
  • 1/4 cup dark rum
  • 1/2 teaspoon finely grated orange zest

Melt butter in a 10-inch heavy skillet over low heat. Add brown sugar, allspice and nutmeg and stir until sugar dissolves. Add banana liqueur and bring sauce to simmer. Add bananas and cook for 1 minute on each side, carefully spooning sauce over bananas as they are cooking. Remove bananas from pan to a serving dish. Bring sauce to a simmer and carefully add the rum. If the sauce is very hot, the alcohol will flame on its own. If not, using stick flame, carefully ignite and continue cooking until flame dies out, approximately 1 to 2 minutes. If sauce is too thin, cook for 1 to 2 minutes until it is syrupy in consistency. Add orange zest and stir to combine. Immediately spoon the sauce over bananas and serve. Serve with waffles, crepes, or ice cream.

The Food Network Kitchens recommend that when igniting alcohol, use extreme caution. Remove the pan from the heat source before adding the alcohol. Pour the alcohol into the pan and ignite with a match or click lighter. Return the pan to the stove top and gently swirl to reduce the flames.

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    Delicious! Omitted orange zest and served over vanilla frozen yogurt!
    Fabulous! My first time making bananas foster, it was so easy and delicious. Omitted banana liqueur and increased butter by one tablespoon. Used Goslings Black Rum and served over vanilla ice cream.
    Quite delicious, quick and would go with a variety of accompaniments. I served with coconut creme drizzle and vanilla whipped creme. Definitely a keeper.
    Went light on the Allspice, skipped the orange zest and added a little cinnamon, over Belgian Waffles and vanilla ice cream..........Excellent!!
    Amazing! And so easy! Didn't have banana liquor so used Disaronno instead. Served over vanilla yogurt and topped with granola.
    A bit over the top with the spices - try Brennan's Restaurant recipe - it's just right.
    I thought this was fantastic. I could get all the flavors coming through..not too many spices in my opinion. Alton is always right on the mark.
    I've been making this for years. I'll have to add something tho. Placing a sweet, cruchy waffle on the bottom of the plate and assembling the fosters on top, puts this dish over the top.
    pretty good way to use bannanas before they go bad!
    Dynamite. Go light on spices, try Cointreau or Tia Maria instead of banana liqueur, or brewed coffee for a less sweet result, serve on coffee ice cream.
    I backed off on the spices and used cinnamon instead of allspice. I also didn't have banana liqueur or orange zest so I threw in a splash of triple sec. 'Twas delicious on waffles this morning.
    The foster was really good but it had a little to much spices. It was a great foster but could use a little less spices.
     Michelle, best foster ever!
    I have been making this recipe all my life and simple really works here just use equal parts butter and brown sugar and heat with bananas and equale part rum and ignite. Easy with a gas stove because you don't need a match.
     For 3 servings I figure about three to 4 ounces butter, brown sugar and rum. Forget all the spices.
    This recipe is great! I cut the recipe in half, and instead of regular rum... I added malibu pineapple rum (the only rum I had on hand) and a splash of brandy. I never added the zest at the end, and it still turned out amazing. Previous reviews harped on the fact that it was too spiced up with the nutmeg and all spice, so i didn't add quite as much as the recipe called for (but close enough! haha). This was the first time I ever tried bananas foster, and i was impressed how easy and tasty it turned out!
    I followed this recipe almost exactly, but I substituted Torani French Vanilla syrup for the banana liqueur(didn't have any) and substituted cinnamon for the nutmeg. WOW. Though, do be careful when you set the rum on fire, I had to grab the lid for my pan and throw it down because the fire was starting to creep up the sides. Didn't have orange zest either, and it came out really delicious. I thought I would share this with my mother, and before I knew it I had eaten the whole thing!
     Practice flambe rules, and you will have an amazing dessert!
    Overall, good. Like the previous reviewer, I don't like the strong spice combo. I'll use some cinnamon next time & maybe just a dash of nutmeg. I think I'll skip the allspice.
    This stuff is awesome! It just tastes great. I love fruit warm and the combination of banana flavor and rum sauce is brilliant. It's really good on ice cream. And I mean- you get to flambe stuff?! What more could you ask for? A few tips: 1. Really. Use under-ripe bananas, otherwise it'll get too sweet. 2. Don't cook the rum too long as this can also make the dish too sweet. 3. DON"T DOUBLE THE RECIPE. This is just a bad idea in my opion. Overall it's excellent, like a lot of Alton's other recipes.
    My wife and I have made this twice now. When you make this be sure to use low heat to melt the butter and then brown sugar. I had it too hot the first time and had to redo it. We still have not gotten all the alcohol to burn off with the first firing. So we light it 2 or 3 times and then cook it at least another minute to help evaporate the strong alcohol taste (and smell). It is good, but I may have to tinker with the spices as i'm not sure the allspice/nutmeg combo is super appealing to me.
    Made this for a fathers day dessert today, I did not have rum so I used some Brandy. It was absolutely delicious. Everyone loved it!!! This is definitely a keeper.
    End result was terrific. Had trouble dissolving the sugar so added 1 Tbsp butter and turned up the heat to medium. The sauce turned out dark and deeply flavored from the molasses ( DB Sug) and dark rum; both of which really came through. Flavor was more than I expected, different than expected, and better than I expected. Oh...the flambe was a show by itself. Will need to consider whether company would prefer less flavor; so, might use golden brown sugar and amber rum if adjustment is needed. But for me, this is a great recipe.
    Tasted fantastic! You can use other fruits, too. I used canned (I know, bad) pineapple rings and it was so great! Very easy and lots of fun.
    Wow, this is such an easy thing to prepare! I used Vanilla Bean ice cream and added walnuts to it! Muy Deliciouso, thanks Alton!
    I was finally willing to try Hubby's favorite dessert - boy was it worth it! We thought it was a little too 'rummy' - but had used a really good dark rum. Maybe a more generic rum or slightly reduced would be better.
     Great with ice cream. Alton, you're my hero!
    the recipe is good if one like alcohol
      flavor to kick in between the spice.
      i tried the recipe but i used white wine
      instead of rum; it turned out more cara
      melized and kid friendly no alcohol
      after taste
    We didn't have banana liqueur, so I ended up using butterscotch schnapps instead. It still turned out AMAZING.. ate it over ice cream. Wonderful!!
    Wow this is good! I've had other recipes that did not use added spices (that used spiced rum) and this one is far superior. I have since substituted a little Grand Marnier-like liqueur for the banana liqueur and orange zest. It is FANTASTIC!
    This delicious dessert is not only fun to make, it is fun to watch. The name may sound a bit pretentious, but the taste will appeal to white collar and blue collar people alike. Flambeing bananas is very appealing to the eye and in today's world most people eat with their eyes before the food touches their palate. Very seldom does the presentation of the dish originate in the preparation rather than the plating.
    I loved this recipe, and it was super easy to make. I didn't have any banana liquor so I used Disaronno instead, and it turned out very well.
    One of the best tasting things I have ever eaten, and with a show none the less!
    It turned out great and tasted so good. we loved it!!!
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