Chocolate Truffles

Total Time:
3 hr 25 min
50 min
2 hr 30 min
5 min

30 to 35 truffles

  • 10 ounces bittersweet chocolate, chopped fine
  • 3 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • 1 tablespoon light corn syrup
  • 1/4 cup brandy
  • 1/2 cup Dutch process cocoa powder, finely chopped nuts, and/or toasted coconut, for coating truffles
  • 8 ounces semisweet or bittersweet chocolate, chopped fine

Place the 10 ounces of chocolate and butter in a medium size glass mixing bowl. Microwave for 30 seconds. Remove and stir, and repeat this process 1 more time. Set aside.

Heat the heavy cream and corn syrup in a small saucepan over medium heat until simmering. Remove from the heat and pour the mixture over the melted chocolate mixture; let stand for 2 minutes. Using a rubber spatula, stir gently, starting in the middle of bowl and working in concentric circles until all chocolate is melted and mixture is smooth and creamy. Gently stir in the brandy. Pour the mixture into an 8 by 8-inch glass baking dish and place in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

Using a melon baller, scoop chocolate onto a sheet pan lined with parchment paper and return to the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Place the cocoa powder, nuts, and/or toasted coconut each in its own pie pan and set aside.

In the meantime, place the 8 ounces of chocolate into a medium mixing bowl which is sitting on top of a heating pad lined bowl, with the heating pad set to medium. Depending on the heating pad, you may need to adjust the heat up or down. Stirring the chocolate occasionally, test the temperature of the chocolate and continue heating until it reaches 90 to 92 degrees F; do not allow the chocolate to go above 94 degrees F. If you do, the coating will not have a nice snap to it when you bite into the chocolate. Once you have reached the optimal temperature, adjust the heat to maintain it.

Remove the truffles from the refrigerator and shape into balls by rolling between the palms of your hands. Use powder-free vinyl or latex gloves, if desired.

Dip an ice cream scoop into the chocolate and turn upside down to remove excess chocolate. Place truffles 1 at time into the scoop and roll around until coated. Then place the truffle into the dish with either the cocoa powder, nuts or coconut. Move the truffle around to coat; leave truffle in the coating for 10 to 15 seconds before removing. In the meantime, continue placing the chocolate-coated truffles in the cocoa or other secondary coating. After 10 to 15 seconds, remove the truffle to a parchment lined sheet pan. Repeat until all truffles are coated. Allow to set in a cool dry place for at least 1 hour; or store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Truffles are best when served at room temperature.

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    Interesting! I attempted the reciepe, but they did not taste like store bought truffles. Does anyone know how to make chocolate truffles similar to the ones found at Chocolates JOHFREJ - ?? They were delicious, but again, I want to reproduce something more like the JOHFREJ ones. Thank you, Joe
    I am typically over ambitious when I bake so I actually made this recipe as a triple batch the first time. I ended up with 127 truffles. It was totally worth the effort though! I made them as a gift for all my school friends for valentines and I made all sorts of flavors ranging from plain chocolate (replacing brandy with more whipping cream to amaretto (this was a favorite!, Kahlua (which had instant coffee mixed into to the chocolate shell coating, to jam filled! (same as plain chocolate just pipe jam into the center! It was such a hit and now I am making some as decoration for cake for my significant other. This recipe is definitely one of my favorite!
    I used this recipe as a filling to chocolates and it turned out great! I did however make some modifications that others have said, like cutting back on the brandy and using 2/3 bittersweet chocolate and 1/3 milk chocolate. I also added some orange oil and it complimented the brandy well.
    To fill the chocolates I just put the final mixture in the fridge for 5 mins to thicken, then piped it into the shell of the chocolates. I was a huge hit with my friends, thanks Alton!
    used 1/4 cup of grand marnier. the alcohol burns on the tongue! one could get loopy on just a few of these truffles. realizing not all alcohol can be used in same ratio as brandy that or alton likes his liquor!
    I made truffles for the first time about a week ago using this recipe. Again, AB has everything perfect (but thats no surprise!. One note to begin with- these are dark chocolate truffles- so if you're expecting/want milk chocolate, this recipe isnt for you. I followed just about every part of this recipe (with the exception that I didnt have a heating pad, so I used a stove with a very small burner to heat up the dipping chocolate. It can be done, but be careful as the chocolate heats up very quickly. Overall, these chocolates went over very well, and people were amazed that I made them at home. For the outside I used cocoa powder, chopped hazlenuts, chopped almonds, and then I experiemented a bit on my own. I sprinkled some salt on the dipped chocolate for a nice change, and also some with cayenne pepper. Though this isnt my particular taste, it went over really well with my boyfriend. Just be careful when sprinkling- a little goes a long way! Thanks again AB!
    Impressed my pseudo chocolate connoisseur boss with this recipe! Forget your Godiva, boss! They were little messy to make for me, but oh SO well worth the happiness.
    Home run Alton! This was my first time making a truffle. This process is somewhat messy and using gloves made it easier. I also tried the melon ball scoop and didn't care for it so I used a teaspoon but was careful to keep the portions about the same as size as the melon ball scoop. You do need to do this quickly or the chocolate will melt in your hands when you roll them into balls. The center of the truffle was rich and creamy, literally melt in your mouth! I love the outer shell, just hard enough to give that little crack when you bite into it and then it melts into your mouth. I did like the cocoa powder, which I didn't think I would, decided I would go one step farther. I put some sea salt in a pan and dropped a few in that pan, I didn't roll them around because I wasn't sure I would like it. Turns out they where perfect with just that little bit of salt on one side of the truffle, but it's a love it or hate it thing. Thanks Alton!
    YUM!! These were wonderful! They will make a great House Warming gifts and Thank You gifts! Iâ??m always looking for different ways to treat my friends and clients. I looked online and found a company, Box and Wrap that sells these polka dot pastry boxes that are so cute! They will make the gift complete.
    These are amazing! I just made a test run of these for holiday gifts and they came out great! I did make a few modifications!
    1: ADD THE EXTRA CHOCOLATE! It really does make them much creamier. 6 oz more. It was perfect!
    2: YOU CAN SUB OUT THE BRANDY! My grandfather has a heart condition, and with his medications, he can't have any alcohol at all. So I subed out the brandy with just a bit of coffee instead. AMAZING!
    3: USE YOUR FREEZER! I let these set up in the fridge first, and they were WAY too soft. About half and hour before I was ready to coat them. I popped them in the freezer. They firmed up perfectly!
    4: USE COCOA POWDER TO ROLL THEM OUT! I kept having them stick to my hands, and they wouldn't keep shape at all. So, by happy accident, I got my hands coated in the cocoa when covering them. Having my hands covered in the cocoa, it made them really easy to roll!
    Decadence!!! Worth the work it takes! After reading reviews I too added 6 extra oz of chocolate, so 8oz bittersweet 8oz semisweet. That said you need 6-8 more ounces of chocolate for coating. I omitted the brandy having used good chocolate to begin with the natural chocolate liquor flavor shines through. 
    I love this recipe for any occassion. My only complaint would be in the coating process, but that is not a fault in the recipe at all. I agree with others, that waiting a little longer on the cooling/firming step is beneficial in the over-all process.
    I love these truffles but added 6 oz. of chocolate to the recipe to make it perfect. I use 4 oz. of milk chocolate and 12 oz. of semi-sweet chocolate instead of the 10 oz. that the recipe calls for and found that the truffles come out smooth and creamy. I also melt all of the ingredients in a double boiler and let the mixture sit on the counter for about 4-6 hours before I scoop them. The mixture is soft enough to scoop, but also firm enough to scoop!!!
    absolutely fantastic. made me a hero with my family. especially with the kids
    Ooooooooooooooooooooooooohhh ,how I love me the chocolate!
    Although the filling was tasty (I added amaretto) it never firmed up enough to roll into balls and dip. I even put it in the freezer for several hours. It was sticky and gooey. Had to throw it out. If I had had the time it would have made a great filling for individual chocolate cups or maybe mini cookie cups. Will stick to Ghiradelli's chocolate truffle recipe. It's truly decadent.
    Made these vegan, swapped the cream for soy milk and the butter for margarine, also changed the booze to espresso.  
    The only problem is keeping people off them before you finish.
    I prepared these for my sweety this V-day....they turned out great. I increased the chocolate for the middle by an ounce and used peppermint schnapps.The peppermint flavor wasn't very strong. I also put the mixture in the fridge overnight then sit it out and let it warm up to the consistency I wanted before forming into balls. the rubber glove's seem to work well when forming the balls. they are a hit with my sweety and all the ladies at work.
    sweet easy recipe. i would refrigerate truffles atleast a half hour longer before scooping and balling them...the firmer the chocolate is the prettier the balls form :)
    it's nice. i have no comments. :)
    Easy, no-fail recipe. Awesome.
    Absolutely delicious!
    This is a great recipe and very easy! I was a little impatient, so I got the chocolate started melting in the microwave for coating the truffles because the heating pad was taking a long time, and it still turned out well. They have a very strong taste, so I plan to use semi-sweet chocolate in the next batch and may try Grand Marnier instead of Brandy for a different flavor.
    Have made these for the past two Christmas seasons. They are time consuming, and they are a mess, but they turn out pretty good (although maybe not the prettiest truffles you've ever seen). I do recommend cutting back on the amount of brandy. I hardly add any, otherwise the inside is a little too gooey (and I don't like my truffles to be too booze-y). Additionally, I always replace some of the semi-sweet chocolate with milk chocolate. Rolling in toasted coconut seems to be the most popular flavor among friends and coworkers.
    The chocolate to liquid ratio seems slightly off. I personally think it should have slightly more chocolate as the consistency is too soft to roll. The best way to handle this after chilling is scoop it out with a mellon baller onto parchment and freeze it. Take it out and dip in chocolate and toppings. Otherwise, you may want to increase the chocolate slightly.
    it had good ingredients it just turned out a HUGE mess and make sure you have all of the supplies before you start...i would NEVER make them for a party or anything because they turn out looking like poop! (we may have done something wrong but we tryed our best!)
    in place of brandy -orange juice & the zest of one orange
    roll in cocoa, powder sugar, cayenne pepper just a pinch & cinnamon and rolled the truffles in this combo (in place of cocoa you can used a flavored cinnamon hot chocolate mix and a pinch of cayenne or any flavor hot cocoa mix for those who find cocoa powder to be to bitter
    My favorite truffle mix (makes 60way less messy
    1 8oz cream cheese softened
    3 cups sifted powder sugar(sift then measure out 3 cups sifted
    3 cups bitter sweet chocolate melted over double boiler
    1 1/2 tsp vanilla or any flavor you like...rum, burbon, brandy get creative! (you can even divide and make several flavors

    in mixer cream the powder sugar & cream cheese together when well mixed add the melted chocolate and stir in flavoring of choice
    cover and place in fridge at least 45 minutes
    I take a spoon of mix and roll into a ball with gloved hands then roll in nuts or any topping of your choice.
    Ok, I just got done making these for my company christmas party... I have attempted truffles before and now I remember why I don't do them more often!
    First off, you don't need it, BUT a melon baller really does help VS the 2spoon technique,it's challenging to "ball" them once they have firmed up. Yes they melt, but they don't reform. Also when you are making the semi-sweet glaze, make sure you have a good working candy thermometer, I opted not to use the whole "heating pad" technique as it seemed fussy, half way through I found out how it would help.. I wanted the "snap" of the outer shell. My thermometer crapped out, couldn't find the right temp for my chocolate, so then it was melting the ganache, and it was difficult to adhere my toppings too because my chocolate was melting!!! Grrr!! I'm sure they taste great, but the recipie really does make it idiot proof if you (1) have the tools, and (2) follow it correctly for the first time! They weren't pretty, but they'll do! Good LUCK!!
    great ingredients, followed all directions...followed by disaster
    Very intense chocolate flavor. Messy to make and too much effort for the outcome.
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