Corn Dogs

Total Time:
40 min
20 min
15 min
5 min

8 corn dogs

  • 1 gallon peanut oil
  • 1 cup yellow cornmeal
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons kosher salt
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 2 tablespoons (approximately 1 large) jalapeno pepper, seeded and finely minced
  • 1 (8.5-ounce) can cream-style corn
  • 1/3 cup finely grated onion
  • 1 1/2 cups buttermilk
  • 4 tablespoons cornstarch, for dredging
  • 8 beef hot dogs

Special equipment: 8 sets chopsticks, not separated

Pour oil into a deep fryer or large heavy pot and heat to 375 degrees F. In a medium mixing bowl, combine the cornmeal, flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda, and cayenne pepper. In a separate bowl, combine the jalapeno, corn, onion, and buttermilk. Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients all at once, and stir only enough times to bring the batter together; there should be lumps. Set batter aside and allow to rest for 10 minutes.

Scatter the cornstarch into a dry pie pan. Roll each hot dog in the cornstarch and tap well to remove any excess.

Transfer enough batter to almost fill a large drinking glass. Refill the glass as needed. Place each hot dog on chopsticks, and quickly dip in and out of the batter. Immediately and carefully place each hot dog into the oil, and cook until coating is golden brown, about 4 to 5 minutes. With tongs, remove to cooling rack, and allow to drain for 3 to 5 minutes.

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    Never thought I'd like a corn dog but I'm a convert. I made the entire batter recipe but only made 4 dogs so had tons leftover. My husband suggested turning the leftover batter into waffles. Added a couple of eggs, about .25 C of oil, some maple syrup to the batter along with some leftover ham. Needed a bit more cornmeal for the right consistency. The waffles are terrific! I used a regular, not Belgium, waffle iron. Can think of many toppings including fried chicken.
    I tried to make this with my son. It was a total disaster. The batter did not stick to the hot dogs. It was a mess. Yuck.
    Great recipe. However, we were able to fry up 10 hot dogs and 6 cheese-on-a-stick with just one batch of batter. And still had tons left-over! I think I can make cornbread pudding with the remaining batter...
    I am officially a corn dog convert thanks to this recipe! We used Chicago's Vienna Beef hot dogs (awesome. The batter was easy to make. When fried up, the dogs were fluffy, light, and crispy with LOTS of flavor. None of the doughy flavorless garbage you get at carnivals. Directions were easy & perfect. The only change we made was to set our cooking timer for 3-4 mins instead of the 4-5 minutes suggested based on our fryer. Also, I like my food spicy, so I think next time, I may try a little extra jalapeno and a bit of cayenne. Note: as we finished off the last of the dogs, we had bits of batter that had fallen into the fryer. I was straining these bits and putting them on the paper towel lined plate I had out. Some of our guests were eating these. Next thing I knew, I was being asked to take the leftover batter and fry it up. I complied - made some kind of spicy, VERY flavorful funnel cake-like things. Fabulous
    Delicious and easy to make.
    This was the best corn dog I have ever eaten! It was incredibly easy to make and came out perfect. I used Oscar Mayer bun length beef dogs and I did have a little bit of batter left but not a lot like others are saying. I did fry these at more of a 350 degrees than 375 but that was because I was impatient and I had no trouble with the batter staying on either, everything came out great! Thanks!!
    These were so good and easy!! Can't wait to make them again!
    The initial version by the recipe was really thin, it fried to a thin mostly corn meal layer on the dogs. I went back and added another 1/2-3/4 cup of flour until it seemed like a fry batter consistency and it worked perfectly. It was actually quite similar to the ones I've gotten at fairs. I would definitely make it again with that simple modification.
    The batter came loose and split while frying at 375 Degrees. Also too much sodium when eaten. Too much grease held in batter when done. I tried Rachael Rays Firecracker deviled corn dog recipe and found it to be much better.
    Awesome recipe. I've made this several times, each time with great success. This makes a ton of batter. for 8 hot dogs, cut the recipe in half and you'll still have enough for hushpuppies. For the hush puppies, just add some more flour to thicken the batter a bit and use a ice cream scoop to portion it out. We also always cut the hot dogs in half to make smaller corndogs. As is,this recipe has a little kick, but for extra awesome we'll sometimes toss in a very finally chopped habanero pepper.  
    Ummmm so this was like really gross...
    Things I learned -- cornstarch definitely helps the batter adhere, don't have your oil too hot, the batter recipe makes enough batter to batter a case of hot dogs, not just one package. The coating is light and crispy, not at all cakey like carnival corn dogs. That all said, I added a little flour at the end and dropped the batter by spoonfuls into hot oil and made hush puppies with the leftover batter. All in all, a good, fun recipe to try.
    The coating was a little thin, but I like it crispy. I read some other reviews and someone made hush puppies out of the batter so I followed suit. Man, oh, man!!! Best batter possible for that, definitely recommend
    My family and I thought these were absolutely fantastic. Even my picky eater. To those who had trouble keeping the batter on.... did you let the batter sit for at least 10 minutes before dipping the hot dog in? This gives it a chance to thicken up some. And only use a very thin layer of corn starch. Too much and the batter will slide off. Good Eats to all !!
    I made these for children and omitted the jalepenos and cayenne and it was a huge hit.
    These are just down right tasty.
    I love this recipe. It does not come out like a corn dog you would buy at the grocery store or a carnival, (it is not a thick, corn-meal coating but I think it's crispy and delicious. If you look at the pictures, you can tell it's not going to come out like that! You could definitely tweak the recipe and make it spicier. Another poster had a good idea to make the batter thicker. The batter is drippy and doesn't always want to stick, but I just kind of rub the dog around on its stick in a cup of batter, and well, it never seems to be a big issue for me. Too much corn starch definitely contributes to that problem, and a dry dog helps. I use mostly pork franks with skin and I've used kielbasa links. I've used the batter fresh and refrigerated overnight and used the next day. Definitely has a different consistency. I've made it probably a half-dozen times over the past few years. I love it. I'm going to make it with my nephews (11 & 8 tomorrow. Love it!
    I'm sorry to say this failed in my book. The batter did not stick like you would imagine a corn dog to be. And I watched the video and read the comment but it came off like a slight crust on a hot dog. I was better off frying the hot dogs because that is basically what i got. The college kid does not approve this one. :(
    I saw this episode three times. Love ya A.B. & love your show, but this recipe was a disaster. Followed it to a tee. Batter was way to runny not to mention I had about enough for 25 hot dogs. This led to a thin coating that resulted in a greasy mess. Tasted more like a fried hot dog than a corn dog. Overall taste fell flat as well. I also used wooden skewers which were more than atequate to support the dogs. Felt like I wasted my time and $. I am sure there are simpler recipies out there with fewer ingredients that would taste better.
    We received a Food Network cookbook as a gift and my husband was so excited to try this recipe out... He was not disappointed! I am not sure what other people have done, but our batter was thick and using the corn starch really made the batter stick. We really enjoyed this recipe!
    The best way to get the batter to stick properly is to dry the HD well- no cornstarch needed! I like to cook my dogs before battering as the batter tends to be done fast in an industrial fryer. 
    Lots of add ins to keep it interesting. 
    Happy frying!!
    I also had trouble with the batter not sticking well, even after a pretty thick layer of corn starch. I definately liked the taste though, and used the rest of it for corn fritters. I would do it again and make some adjustments next time. And I used single chop sticks (not double).
    FTW (For the Win)!!! Easily the best corn dogs ever! Ok, so I have a 6 yr old that ate them Jalapenos and all (seeded of course)! Advice for those it didnt work for, dont use whole kernal corn and if you dont have butter milk, add a couple scoops of sour cream for texture and tang. Also, As soon as you pull the dog out of the batter, throw it into the oil, that way you dont give it time to come off. The batter is heavy and Corn starch alone wont hold it on. The Oil will adhere to the dog! I used beef franks! PERFECTION!
    I'm sorry some of you have had so much trouble with the batter! I have made this a number of times and it always turns out great! I omit the jalapeno and onion (unfortunately my husband forbids them, but they still have GREAT flavor and texture for the final product. Ours do not come out greasy, but we're careful to not put too many dogs in the pot at one time so that the oil temperature does not drop to low. We do have an electric deep fryer as a dummy aid so that we do not have to also worry about monitoring the temperature. I would just use wooden skewers instead of chopsticks. Good quality beef hot dogs are a must! We freeze the leftovers and they warm up great in the oven.
    Discusting. The batter wasn't thick enough and the hot dog became extremely greasy....Gross. I am very disappointed with Alton.
    Incredible? I disagree! The batter was runny, it didn?t stick to the hot dog, and the corn dog looked weird after frying. Alton, I'm disappointed since you are so technical! However, I did some online research of recipes and after testing many recipes, I came up with a solution to turn this recipe into something delicious... it's winter in Canada, I have lots of time on my hands. If you want to make this recipe incredible add 4 tsp baking powder, add an extra 1/2 flour and let the batter sit over night. Also omit the cornstarch step. If you follow this; the added baking powder puffs up the corn dog batter to make a nice even fluffy, crispy corn dog, yum. The added flour thickens up the dough so it stays on the hot dog when dipping... without having to use cornstarch... and leaving the batter overnight to rest softens up the corn meal to avoid the grainy texture. So maybe give this recipe a try and when you find out it fails, make my changes and presto, a 5 start dog, yum! Good luck!
    We made this without the jalapeños and onions, but it was still incredible!!
    Alton, I love your show and alot of your recipes but this one did not work for me. I cook for a mens rehab center once a week and wanted to give them a fun nite of "fair food". Your recipe looked terrific. I did not try it before hand, mistake. The batter did not hold onto the dog and very, very little coverage if it did. Sounded great but alot of prep for 60 corn dogs and had to apologize for the meal. Maybe a review on this one would help! Still, love your show and all the info you give on it, one flub up out of all the other recipes isn't bad!  
    Ours turned out great! I do not even like corn dogs and these were wonderful. The batter was not the typical cakiness....this had tecture and flavor. With the extra batter - we took fresh whole jalepanos and cut off the stem, scouped out the seeds, stuffed them with pepper jack cheese... put in a wooden skewer ...coated in the left over corn starch.... then dipped in the batter and coooked just like the corn dogs maybe a little less time. These went so well togehter.
    The corn dogs were very good, however the batter was very thin on the dogs and I wish that the heat of the jalape?o had a more dominant flavor in the batter other than the sweetness of the cream corn. I made some changes to the recipe that made my family love the corn dogs. I used smoked paprika, red pepper, black pepper instead of cayenne pepper and spicy sesame oil.
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