Garden Vegetable Soup

Total Time:
1 hr 25 min
40 min
45 min

6 to 8 servings

  • 4 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 cups chopped leeks, white part only (from approximately 3 medium leeks)
  • 2 tablespoons finely minced garlic
  • Kosher salt
  • 2 cups carrots, peeled and chopped into rounds (approximately 2 medium)
  • 2 cups peeled and diced potatoes
  • 2 cups fresh green beans, broken or cut into 3/4-inch pieces
  • 2 quarts chicken or vegetable broth
  • 4 cups peeled, seeded, and chopped tomatoes
  • 2 ears corn, kernels removed
  • 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • 1/4 cup packed, chopped fresh parsley leaves
  • 1 to 2 teaspoons freshly squeezed lemon juice

Heat the olive oil in large, heavy-bottomed stockpot over medium-low heat. Once hot, add the leeks, garlic, and a pinch of salt and sweat until they begin to soften, approximately 7 to 8 minutes. Add the carrots, potatoes, and green beans and continue to cook for 4 to 5 more minutes, stirring occasionally.

Add the stock, increase the heat to high, and bring to a simmer. Once simmering, add the tomatoes, corn kernels, and pepper. Reduce the heat to low, cover, and cook until the vegetables are fork tender, approximately 25 to 30 minutes. Remove from heat and add the parsley and lemon juice. Season, to taste, with kosher salt. Serve immediately.

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Sauvignon Blanc

Acidic, refreshing white wine

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    I made this recipe exactly as written and found it to be bland. I made a few changes to suit my personal preference and everyone now loves it. The changes I made are: 
    1 - swap out frozen succotash for the green beans 
    2 - use canned crushed tomatoes instead of fresh 
    3 - add in the following ingredients (to taste): white wine vinegar, good quality soy sauce (from an Asian market), Worchestire sauce, pickle juice and seasoned salt 
    The final result is full of zingy, sweet and tangy flavor. I know my changes are pretty major to the original recipe, but I wanted to point out that I think this is a great soup to personalize to your taste.
    This soup is fantastic! I've even made it for under the weather friends and they wanted the recipe. Very soothing and tasty.
    You peeps drive me crazy by telling us how you altered the recipe and then complain because you didn't like it. I made it exactly according to his recipe and it was absolutely delicious. The leeks give it a great flavor and with all the fresh vegetables?.Yum. It also keeps well for a few days, and we finished up the batch at lunch today. Definitely a keeper!
    I totally agree with your comment. No comments should be allowed if the recipe was altered. It makes it hard to judge whether it is a good recipe or not.
    This is one of my most favorite soups. I did make a couple changes. I didn't have any green beans, and am not a big fan of them, so instead I used 1/4 head of green cabbage and quite a bit of kale thrown in towards the end. I really feel the kale adds so much to this soup. FYI, please don't substitute onions for the leeks.. The leeks give it such a savory, unique flavor. Thank you so much for this recipe!
    I just made it and it was tasty, but I definitely added a few more seasonings to mine. I also used the chicken broth, not veg. Next time I want to add lima beans. It was labor intensive but I will do it again.
    We saw this recipe and then how could we not make it after seeing the adorable video. We havled the recipe and weren't sure how it would turn out becuase there are really no herbs in it other than parsely....butwe will definitely make this again. Adding the lemon and parsley last was really what makes this great!! Thank you Alton and Elton....:)
    This had a nice flavor. To make it heartier and suited for a vegetarian meal I added beluga lentils and wheat berries when I added the stock. I also added some red pepper paste per my family's spice preference preference and doubled the leeks. To reviewers who found it tasteless... a lot of this recipe will rely on the quality of stock that you opt to use. I used Kitchen Basics Unsalted Vegetable broth which is good but does require the addition of more salt.
    added sausage to great effect!
    Sorry for being frank, but this made a big batch of tasteless soup. I even took the trouble to make homemade vegetable stock! No idea why this is rated so highly. Edible only as we had some garlic bread on the side. We had to throw most of it away. Such a waste of good wholesome ingredients!!
    You must have left something out, because I've made this multiple times and it has plenty of flavor 
    I modified with what I had on hand (e.g., canned diced tomatoes, added celery,. zucchini and summer squash. It was a hit and had surprisingly great taste despite no herbs. The simmering vegetables plus lemon juice add a great tang.
    all of you guys that ate it, ummm well what would you add to make it have a better zing to it?
    Delicious! I didn't follow to the tee, but almost. I used sweet onions instead of leeks, added zucchini, canned peas, and canned diced tomatoes (in addition to the fresh), and some tomato paste, plus thyme, oregano and dried parsley. I didn't have lemon juice or fresh parsley, I'll have to try those next time; I'll be making it again soon!
    This soup is so yummy! I overload mine with veggies like purple hull peas and limas to add even more nutrients to the pot - but this is true comfort food without the fat and definitely my go-to garden soup! Way to go Alton!
    Omg!..... So tasty! I softened the leeks with 3 tbs of spicy olive oil. Then, I added carrots, celery, fresh broccoli & slivered jalapeņos. After adding the chicken broth & diced tomatoes I added green lentils. Finally, after filling each soup bowl I generously squeezed the lemon and added a plentiful amount of fresh chopped parsley! Don't leave out the lemon & parsley! Such great flavor! I'm looking forward to leftover soup tomorrow!
    Absolutely delicious :)
    You've done it again, Alton. Really a wonderful, simple meal. Full of wonderful flavors, and very low in salt. I also added a little fresh spinach, just because I like fresh spinach. All of the flavors really meld well together. Try with a really great loaf of bread, and you've got a fabulous meal.
    This is a fantastic recipe! The broth was sweet and full of flavor. I only made minor modifications - I added 2 extra carrots, 2 parsnips, an extra ear of corn, and 2 green zucchini. I also doubled the lemon because it really added an extra zing to it. Served over white rice. I've been eating leftovers for 3 days now. It warms me up and gives me a boost of energy. The perfect fall recipe!
    It was absolutely delicious and I will be making this one regularly. Great fresh flavors.
    I follow a very low fat plant based diet. This is my go to basic soup recipe. Today I made the following changes. Used vegetable broth instead of oil to soften leeks. Used 1 squash and 1 zuccini instead of green beans, used 28 oz can of diced tomatoes, increased parsley to 1 cup, added 1 cup of cilanto and 3 cups of chopped kale and 1 can of drained black beans. Just had a cup. It was great! 
    Wish Food Network would provide more low fat food based recipes on even add a show that follows McDougall, Esselstyn, Furman, Engine 2. Thanks
    Great basic vegetable soup recipe. I would prefer onions to leeks for their sweetness when cooked but this was a great use for the leeks purchased at the farmer's market this past weekend. Also had fresh corn and fresh filet green beans from the same place so ideal use. I like a stronger flavor in the broth so added some hots. Also had cilantro on hand and used as a garnish. The potatoes could be substituted with lentils or pasta depending on your mood. 
    Note on preparation: green beans can be kept bright green if blanched separately until tender and added at the end.
    Delicious, especially the next day when eaten as gazpacho, with a dash of Cholula Hot Sauce. 
    I used 2 c pureed tomatoes instead of the fresh...and roasted the leeks and other veggies a bit longer than he recommended, for browning and flavor. 
    A simple, fresh go to WINNER.
    I found this soup to be lack luster when I made it. The soup wasn't flavorful at all, and I was really disappointed. Would not make again!
    Yummy!! This meal was for a new Mommy friend who just had a baby and I felt she needed something healthy, light, and soothing to comfort all that newborn baby stress. Anyway, this recipe turned out so much more flavorful than I expected. It really turned out delicious and there was no need for any adjustments. The only things I did different was: using canned diced tomatoes (that included garlic, basil, oregano, frozen corn instead of fresh, and I added some zucchini. This recipe seems so versatile that you can probably add whatever vegetables you want and it will still taste good. The garlic/leeks sweating process is probably key to the flavor so don't change that part. I'm sure my friend will enjoy this and feel energized from all the healthy veggies. Oh and I don't usually write reviews but I was so excited and proud of myself, I had to share this for anyone else who was hesitating to make it. It's also very easy! Thanks Mr. A.Brown! Once again, you've exceeded expectations.
    Just made this and it was amazing! My bf was even impressed! Followed the recipe to a tee! I will say that next time I make this, I will chop everything up first instead of doing it as I go. Too much work! I guess I should of known from the prep time! Lol ;
    This is a very good very basic veg soup. I added 2 Tablespoons basil, 2 Tablespoons marjoram, 2 Tablespoons oregano, 2 Tablespoons rosemary, 2 Tablespoons thyme (basic italian seasoning if you dont have all the ingredients or want to cheat!, a small bunch of Swiss chard de-stemmed and chopped, a small bunch of kale chopped, and some celery. This went from boring to flavorful and amazing. I gave it four stars because it is a very versatile soup you could truly turn it into just about anything. My daughter loved this soup and it was very good with some hot homemade garlic bread!
    This is the *only* vegetable soup recipe I now make. It is just too too good to bother with any other recipe. The leeks are perhaps the secret ingredient but regardless of whatever it is that gives this soup its great flavor, it never ever disappoints. I do prefer more veggies in the broth so I double the veggies, extra carrots, add a zucchini, etc. THANK YOU for this one, Alton!
    It was very good. Leek is the key, sweet aroma works perfect! 
    I use can of tomato instead of fresh one. And add little chili for kick. skip corn, serve with delicious country bread. 
    it is perfect for cold and tired winter night....
    Soup was very good. Made a few revisions 1 no corn or potatoes, trying to watch sugar/starch 2 Added 2 celery stalks chopped w/ the leeks 3 added sweet potato in place of white potato and 4 added chopped kale. It's a very good soup and other than the additions or deletions of veggies I tried to follow the recipe regarding herbs/spices/flavor. It's a very good soup recipe and a good base soup to fool around with. Next time I may try some new herbs/spices? And even some more veggies (roasted brussels sprouts!.
    We loved this soup! All it has in it is vegetables and I can't believe all the flavor it creates. I do have to admit that my DH and I are into veggies and eating healthy these days--the reward is we feel better!! The only additions I made was to add 2 cans cannellini beans, celery, frozen green beans and frozen corn, also I did not peel the tomatoes. As per following reviews I added fresh thyme and dried sage. Oh so yummy and perfect for the body and the soul. I also added extra chicken stock. Makes a lot of soup--I always add lots of veggies.
    Made this for my family they loved it! I have to make a huge pot every time! My husband is always asking me to make it. Best veritable soup I ever made
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