Horseradish Cream Sauce

Total Time:
4 hr 10 min
10 min
4 hr

approximately 1 1/4 cups


Place all of the ingredients into a medium mixing bowl and whisk until the mixture is smooth and creamy. Place in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours or overnight to allow flavors to meld. Sauce can be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container for 2 to 3 weeks.

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    This is an excellent dip. I served it with deep fried cauliflower.
    I also used jarred horseradish, but it was still very tasty with Ina's slow roasted beef tenderloin. I received many compliments! It's so nice to have such a great resource like Food Network.
    I am 61 years old and have cooked from recipes found on the internet for at least 17 years and this is my first review ever. I'm giving this recipe 5 stars because it's absolutely delicious! I've made it twice since friday and used it warmed on chicken and short ribs. I've used it cold on pretzels,chips and raw vegetables. I didn't have any fresh horseradish so I used the jar type. I can only imagine how good it will be when I make it again with fresh.
    Loved it! It was creamy and I could adjust how much horseradish I wanted to add depending on who I was serving it to.
    Excellent recipe! Had everything on hand. We added a bit of red chile powder and kicked it up a notch. Our family likes the "burn" in the nostrils and it was perfect! Tasted exactly like the creamy horseradish we get at the better steakhouses. Definitely recommend this one.
    Yum--really liked this recipe! Made it last minute so didn't have time to wait 4 hours. I only needed about a quarter of the recipe for our family. It tasted REALLY good with some wasabi paste added to it! I added about a 1/4 t to the 1/4 recipe and used with beef tenderloin. Also good with potatoes. Looking forward to making this again!
    All in all, this is a tasty sauce. When I make it again, I will double the amount of horseradish, as the sauce was a bit mild for my tastes. I followed another posters advise and made it in the food processor. I used the processor to grate the horseradish as well in order to save my eyes and nose.
    I just whipped up a recipe for New Year's Eve dinner. It hasn't set for four hours but licking my fingers it was quite wonderful. Going to be perfect on our prime rib ; 
    Very good! Followed the recipe exactly as stated. Few recommendations...if you want a mild horseradish taste, then don't pack the horseradish in when you measure. If you want a more pronounced horseradish taste, pack it in a bit more. I'd also recommend pureeing the horseradish or else the texture will be a bit grisly. Very good!
    I love Alton's receipes. I made this with Beef Tenderloin. It was fantastic....exactly what I expected. I may have used a little more horseradish because I like it spicy.
    I could eat this on everything! It's especially great with raw vegetables.
    Amazing, i whisk it vigourosly, to the point of whipping it and cannot get enough of this with my corned beef brisket.
    Amazing. We used this as a dipping sauce for Jeff's baked onion rings. We are looking forward to trying it on other things as well.
    Excellent! We used it as a dipping sauce for a Philly Cheesesteak Pizza. It was the perfect compliment for a sauceless, extremely cheesy pizza.
    Oh, WOW. This was so great. We actually make a sauce like this, called Buford's Floozy Sauce that features an orange marmalade instead of the cream. That horseradish just comes up and smacks you in the face with its deliciousness! Our family and our roast beef thanks you for the change of pace!
    LOVE IT!!! This is the best and most easiest horseradish sauce I've EVER had!
    LOVE this sauce -- most horseradishsauces are way too hot and make me choke! This is mild but very flavorful. Absolutely will do again!
    Alton, I have used this sauce since the day you posted it, It is the "bombdiggidy" ! 
    I love to serve it wih my Mozzerella stuffed Bacon wrapped shrimp. 
    ......................Much Thanks! 
    Dale J
    I made this for Christmas this year (2011 based on the wonderful reviews. I was not disappointed. If you like good Horseradish Sauce, you will not be disappointed.
    AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! The best I've ever tasted. I wanted to try before serving to company for the holidays to see if it needed tweeking. Made according to the recipe and just added more fresh horseraddish and a splash of light cream as suggested. I will be serving this for Christmas along with our filet mignon. Do Not hesitate to try this recipe.
    This sauce was so delicious! My s/o and I have been on a low-carb diet for health and weight loss, and since we're on a tight budget, I've had to buy a lot of chicken for dinner. My s/o was getting bored with chicken, so I decided to use this sauce on baked chicken breasts. Man, was this good! I "eyeballed" the ingredients. I added a lot of horseradish sauce since we have cheap sauce but not fresh horseradish. I may have added too much--it wasn't really hot, but it overpowered the sour cream. I also used red wine vinegar since we didn't have white wine vinegar, and it was fine. I also added a lot of black pepper because I love pepper and also because the pepper I have now is weak. Still, everything was fine, and I ate the sauce from my plate! I will definitely make this again. Thanks, Alton Brown!
    This sauce is extremely good! I make extra because it goes fast. I also agree with a few other reviewers to make it the night before because it tastes even better the next day.
    YUM! YUM! YUM!! Fantastic on Alton's Standing Rib Roast.
    this horse radish cream is the best i have ever tasted. I will always make this, love, love, love it.
    This is the one! The only change I made was using apple cider vinegar as that is what I had on hand. Even better the next day.
    Outstanding sauce!! Served with our prime rib for Christmas dinner and it was spectacular. Even the pickiest of eaters who claimed not to like horseradish could not get enough of this sauce. I did thin my sauce slightly with a little cream which added a hint of sweet. Great job Chef Brown!
    Once again, Alton Brown pulls through for us all. He doesn't teach us how to cook. He educates us, allowing us to understand the process for better memory retention. And this sauce is no different. This is a versatile sauce that can be used for many applications. Thanks again, AB. Send me the bill ..
    This Christmas we had prime rib, shrimp scampy, potatoes au gratin, and asparagus for dinner. I needed a a horseradish cream sauce in a hurry to accompany the prime rib, so I went searching on the internet for one. This one popped right up. Let me tell you, I love prime rib, but the only reason I eat it is because I love the horseradish cream sauce even more. This recipe was SO easy and so good. I used fresh horseradish root and grated it on a microplane grater. The flavor is so mild and not over powering. If you like more of a horseradish flavor add more horseradish. I've also used this sauce on smoked turkey breast, and even put some on my au gratin potatoes and it was excellent. Now I don't think I will ever go out to a steak house for prime rib. If I could, I would have given this recipe 10 stars. Yeah, it's THAT good. :)
    I made this sauce to compliment AB's standing rib roast recipe and it hit the spot perfectly.
     I spent the little extra dough and bought fresh horseradish root instead of prepared horseradish, and I am very glad I did! I also used almost double the amount of horseradish than the recipe called for. I started with the prescribed amount but added more after tasting it. Definitely taste and adjust as you go.
    i used the exact amount of horseradish root and it was still a little mild. maybe a tablespoon or two more next time.
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