Total Time:
1 hr 55 min
15 min
20 min
1 hr 20 min

6 to 8 servings


Bring a large pot of well-salted water to a boil. Working batches, cook the lasagna noodles until they are soft and pliable but not limp, 6 to 7 minutes. Remove the pasta from the boiling water and lay flat on a sheet tray to cool. Reserve.

Coat a large saute pan with olive oil and bring to medium-high heat. Add the sausage and cook until brown and crumbly. Remove from pan and reserve on paper towels.

Ditch the fat from the pan and add new olive oil along with 2 cloves of garlic and a pinch of crushed red pepper. Bring the pan to medium-high heat. When the garlic becomes golden and very aromatic, remove it from the heat and discard. Toss in the mushrooms and season them with salt. Cook the mushrooms until they are soft and wilted and dark brown, 4 to 5 minutes. Remove from pan and reserve. Repeat this process with the remaining garlic and the zucchini.

In a small bowl, combine the ricotta, 1/2 the Parmigiano-Reggiano, the eggs, and the basil. Mix to combine well and season with salt.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

In the bottom of a 9 by 13-inch deep-dish baking dish, add a couple ladlefuls of sauce and spread out in an even layer. Arrange a layer of the lasagna noodles to completely cover the sauce. Spread 1/3 of the ricotta mixture over the pasta. Place a layer of pasta going in the other direction as the first layer (this will give a little more stability). Spread a light layer of sauce on the pasta and sprinkle 1/3 of the sausage over the sauce, repeat this process with 1/3 of the mushrooms and zucchini. Sprinkle a layer of mozzarella and some of the remaining Parmigiano-Reggiano over the veggies. Repeat these layers until all the ingredients have been used up or the pan is full. Be sure that there is a layer of pasta on top covered with sauce and sprinkled with mozzarella and Parmigiano. Cover with foil.

Place the lasagna on a baking sheet and bake in the oven until the lasagna is hot and bubbly, about 1 hour 15 minutes, removing the foil for the last 15 minutes of cooking. Let cool for 20 minutes before slicing.

Note: For optimal slicing, make and bake the lasagna the day before. Heat it up again before slicing.

Chef Anne's All-Purpose Marinara Sauce:

Coat a large saucepot with olive oil and add the pancetta. Bring the pot to medium-high heat and cook the pancetta for 4 to 5 minutes. Add the onions, season generously with salt, and stir to coat with the olive oil. Cook the onions for 6 to 7 minutes, stirring frequently; the onions should become very soft and aromatic but have no color. Add the garlic and cook for another 2 to 3 minutes, stirring frequently.

Pass the tomatoes through a food mill. Be sure to pass all of the pulp through the holes leaving only the stems and the seeds, and be sure to scrape the pulp off of the bottom of the food mill. That's all of the big money stuff! Add the tomatoes to the pot and rinse out one of the empty tomato cans with water and add that water to the pot (about 2 to 3 cups). Season generously with salt and taste it; tomatoes take a lot of salt. Season in baby steps and taste every step of the way. Cook the sauce for 2 to 3 hours, stirring occasionally and tasting frequently.

Use the sauce right away on pasta or for any other tomato sauce need. This sauce can also be cooled and stored in the fridge for a few days or it freezes really well.

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4.8 95
Excellent lasagna. I think it took me about 3 hours from start to finish, but that's what snow days are for! I didn't have zucchini so I didn't use it, and it was still super tasty. I was nervous about not cooking my pasta as thoroughly as I normally would but that was not a problem. I would recommend to everyone. Thank you. item not reviewed by moderator and published
Has anyone frozen this recipe? item not reviewed by moderator and published
Love this recipe!! I made the sauce the day before. Just delicious!! item not reviewed by moderator and published
Very good. Takes a long time to make but that is expected of lasagna. The leftovers taste even better than the original day. I added a bay leaf, fresh thyme, a small carrot and 1/2 a celery stick to my marinara sauce. Yummy. I too wish that they had instructions for proper reheating, as I was serving this to guests. Thanks. item not reviewed by moderator and published
Any suggestions on the best way to heat up the lasagna if you take the advice and rest if for a day? Is the idea that you re-bake the whole pan in the over until it's warm again? Slice while cold and heat in the oven individually? The logistics here seem a little tricky. Maybe a quick zap in the microwave? Probably not ideal. Putting 3 stars since they force me to rate it to post a question, haven't actually made it yet. item not reviewed by moderator and published
Meh. Love Anne, but this was just an average lasagna. Followed the recipe and also made her marinara. Was ok, nothing special. item not reviewed by moderator and published
This was really good. Very time consuming, but if you do things in advanced like make the sauce the day before it would cut down on time. I subbed canned crushed tomatoes since I don't have a food mill. The pancetta didn't seem like it added anything to the sauce. Other than that my family loved the lasagna. item not reviewed by moderator and published
Awesome recipe! I had to use up some fresh spinach, so, I used that instead of the zucchini. I also deglazed the pan from the mushrooms with Marsala wine and then steamed the spinach. I reduced the wine after the spinach was done to add to the ricotta cheese mixture. I also made the lasagna noodles the night before. FANTASTIC! Thanks Anne for the recipe. item not reviewed by moderator and published
Made this for Christmas dinner - absolutely the BEST lasagna our family and relatives have eaten - they raved about it. It was time consuming but not difficult and so worth it! I made the sauce two days ahead (and had a nice amount left over to freeze), made the lasagna one day ahead so all I had to do on Christmas was pop it in the oven, make a salad and put out the bread. Used two zucchini instead of one and made it with Italian sausage. Thanks Anne - you rock! item not reviewed by moderator and published
I thought this lasagna was absolutely delicious. My eighteen month old daughter even enjoyed it. I would highly HIGHLY recommend it to anyone that I know or don't know :) item not reviewed by moderator and published

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