Apple Butter

Total Time:
10 hr
2 hr
8 hr


  • 10 to 12 bushels apples (for standard 40 gallon kettle), peeled and quartered
  • Apple cider, to cover the apples in the kettle
  • 3 pounds sugar, or to taste
  • Cinnamon, either powdered or oil, several small bottles, to taste
  • Clove, either powdered or oil, several small bottles, to taste

Cook the apples in the cider, stirring continuously for nearly 8 hours. In the last hour or so, add the sugar. Stir in the flavoring. Once butter is thick enough to stick to an upside down saucer, the butter is done and ready to be canned.

A viewer, who may not be a professional cook, provided this recipe. The FN chefs have not tested this recipe and therefore, we cannot guarantee the results.

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    Hello my family has a long history of applebutter makeing. The receipe in this article is pretty standard and well accepted but it also is just standard in flavor. Secondly it requires peeling a whole lot of apples which make for lots of waste. i process my appples into applesause prior to cooking applebutter and use whole unpeeled sectioned apples the run them through a food strainer therefor yu get all the flavor and nutrients of whole apple very little waste and a much tastier applebutter i also suggest leaving out cloves it a strong spice and tends to overpower the appleflaver that is what most peole are looking for. But please do use cinnamon oil the powder just don't have the same kick. For those who like there applebutter a nice dark color i would increase the sugar as it helps to carmelize and give that natural color don't ever cheat by adding cinnamom candies makes the whole thing taste like candy.This is from many years of experience and family tradition.
    I didn't see where it reads ''Apple Cider '' I used white vinegar :( think this is gonna be a mess
    @ mcwicket_238675



    it calls for Apple Cider (the type you drink, not Apple Cider Vinegar.
    THis is a nice apple butter...You do need to be sure and use Apple Cider(like apple juice) and not Apple Cider Vinegar though...I also found that you do not need to "constantly" stir, just every so often stop by and give it a stir. Came out great
    I cooked this on a much smaller scale, making just 2 pints of apple butter. I don't know if I messed up somewhere or not, but it tasted horrible! It was so vinegary that I had to heap in sugar until it was more like jelly, and still it has an overpowering vinegar smell and taste. I used just enough vinegar to cover the apples, like the recipe called for. It's unedible.
    Great for the crock pot. With less apples of couse.
    My Great-Grandma "NaNa" made her apple butter this exact way with one difference.... she added nutmeg. She always said " that's what makes MY Apple Butta stand above the rest". That woman was a fantastic cook, and she was right... her "apple butta" was better than any I'd ever had then and still is to this day!!! VERY WORTH "SLAVING OVER FOR 8 HRS!!!!
    Thats how my grandma use to make it before storing it in her root cellar. One of my best childhood memories.
    This has got to be a joke! Who would stand and continuously stir any recipe for 8 hours??????????????/
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