Winning Coffee Recipe

Espresso-flavored custard from a Dallas reader came out on top in our coffee-themed recipe contest.

Photograph by Marc Robins

Winning Recipe: Turkish Coffee Pots de Creme

We have a hunch that most of you are taking your coffee sweet. We received hundreds of coffee-flavored desserts in our October 2009 coffee recipe contest – pies, cheesecakes, milkshakes, biscotti, puddings, cakes. But these pots de crème from Dallas reader Denise Brown were the biggest hit in the test kitchen. Denise was inspired by the strong cardamom-laced Turkish coffee that she orders at a local Middle Eastern restaurant. After much experimentation, she turned her after-dinner drink into a custard with a hint of spice: "I tested three cream-to-coffee ratios before getting it just right," Denise says. She even bakes the treats in espresso cups for the ultimate cup-of-joe experience.