Bacon Wrapped Breadsticks

Total Time:
40 min
10 min
30 min

14 breadsticks

  • 4 1/2 -ounce box sesame seed breadsticks
  • 16 -ounce package bacon
  • 8 -ounce container grated Parmesan

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Wrap breadsticks in bacon. Place on cookie sheet and bake for 30 minutes. Dredge through Parmesan while hot. Allow to cool and crisp, then serve.

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    Soggy in the middle, very dark on the ends. There is no way to make the breadsticks evenly crunchy. Next time (if I want to waste more bacon) I'll try the honey wheat pretzel sticks instead of breadsticks. Presentation was terrible, but they tasted okay, so I'm willing to give it one more shot.
    Bring back Paula!!! Food Network is not Food Network
    This appetizer is so easy to make, and it's delicious -- even after sitting out for several hours! I do cut each bacon slice in half, and twist it around the breadstick more sparingly. Everyone loves it.
    They weren't gross but they also weren't good either. Maybe if you are in college and sick of ramen noodles then these would be a good option.
    I checked the bread, cracker and deli section for breadsticks, even asked a clerk. Then I rememered them being served in Italien restaurants when I was a kid, instead of rolls, so specialty pasta/sauce section. Fun to make and we thought they were good. I used center cut bacon.
    Took them over to a friend's house as an appetizer. Everyone loved them! Even more, I loved how simple they were. I want to try grated pecorino cheese on them next time just to see how they turn out.
    I surely think they are tasty. Guests loved em.
    Very good! Having read both Paula & Bobby's reviews, I chose to microwave the bacon first for a minute. Baked for 20 minutes (give or take depending on bacon, sprinkled parm & garlic, cooled 5 minutes & not soggy at all! My husband and kids loved them. Gotta love these taste taster's of mine! They even tasted good when they cooled completely.
    These were great for our New Years Party. Didn't nearly make enough.
    Wonderful, had a get together with my girlfriends & thank God I had more prepared but not bake, they went like ants on fire, jajajajajaj..
    These were tasty, but like others, mine turned out very soggy. I baked them in a convection oven and the edges of the breadsticks turned very dark - almost burnt. I do not think I will make these again. Tasty, but presentation was bad.
    I don't understand why people have such a hard time with this receipe. 1st: use center cut bacon which has a little less fat & make sure to turn your pan half way through cooking, just as you would if you were cooking bacon in the oven. 2nd: use a good quality breadstick (I prefer the sesame for texture. 3rd: use a good quality parmesan cheese & hand grate it. Don't drain or blot off all the grease bc you do need some to make sure the cheese sticks. 4th: let these rest to "crisp" and believe me, the bacon will crisp after sitting. Contrary to popular belief they can be served at room temperature and still be crispy. I love this appetizer and my husband and his friends would be crushed if I didn't make this for football and poker games.
    I made this for a Christmas party and they where a big hit!
    If you like your guests, don't make them. I made them and they were horrid! No one liked them. Had to throw away the rest.
    I made the mistake of making these the night of our Christmas Open House this year. The bacon grease was the problem. I had to take them out of the oven midway through, and put on different cookie sheet. I just sprinkled the parmesean cheese on as soon as they came out of the oven, and it worked just fine. Maybe a broiler pan will work. Make sure the ends are covered good with bacon too. I will make these again, just experiement before the party night...Girls when you do make these I hope you're surrounded by men like I was! They could not wait for these to come out of the oven! Mary Jo, Noblesville, IN December 2008
    After seeing this made on Paula's Thanksgiving show, I printed the recipe and read all the reviews. Before making a big batch for anyone, I did an experiment with cooking. I made 2 of these with bacon pre cooked for about 2-3 min and put one directly on foil on a cookie tray and the other on a wire rack on top of the cookie tray to allow drainage. I made two with uncooked bacon and also put one directly on cookie tray and one on wire rack. The ones with precooked bacon were done after 20 min at 350 degrees. I let the ones with uncooked bacon go the full 30 min. I used low salt OM bacon, the leanest pack I could find, and Grissini sesame bread sticks, broken in half. One bacon strip per half. Here is the outcome
    1 Pre cooked bacon directly on cookie tray---crunchiest
    2 Pre cooked bacon on wire rack--- slightly crunchy
    3 Uncooked directly on tray---somewhat soft, very little cruch
    4 Uncooked on wire rack---soggy, soft

    But in the end I was not overly impressed with the flavor even with crunchiest. I may try method one above for my husband and son and see what they think
    Following the recipe's instructions was mistake #1. Bacon was WAY overcooked, the cheese wouldn't stick, breadsticks were hard enough to break a tooth and only four pieces were actually eaten at my company's Thanksgiving Feast. Will try Paula's recipe for this or, better yet, her Parmesan Puff Pastries. Usually, the Deen boys are money with their recipies but this one was counterfeit.
    If I could give this 6 stars, I would. I made these last year for our Christmas Open House. I put 6 or 7 standing up in a long stemmed water glass and placed them on the bar. (they go extremely well with cocktails). People could not get enough of them. As long as your take the bacon wrapped breadsticks out of the oven and IMMEDIATELY place on paper towels, you cannot go wrong. I will be making them again for this year's open house too.
    I made this recipe recently for a large church event. I'm an experienced cook and baker, and i thought on a whole the texture of this cracker/breadstick is awkward. Its crunchy-chewy, and if you don't eat them within the first 15 minutes out of the oven they have this stale quality. Its also really really salty (the cracker has salt already, the bacon is loaded with it, and the parmesan cheese too) It was about 50-50 on those who liked and didn't like this cracker appetizer. I honestly thought when i first read this recipe that it called for the refrigerated dough - breadsticks. Now that would be nice - maybe buying pizza dough from Trader Joes, twisting it with some bacon, rosemary and parmesan cheese. That's what i'm going to try next time. I wanted this recipe to work, bec its so easy, thought the negative reviews were probably just bec. the reviewer didn't bake them just right, but after several batches, this was my conclusion.
    I had read the reviews before baking this recipe. I wasn't sure what I would get since some said soggy and terrible tasting. I decided that if you start with good ingredients you can't go wrong with this recipe. I used Oscar Mayer bacon, Alessi Sesame Breadsticks, and Kraft parmesan cheese. Also I drained the breadsticks on paper towels when they came out of the oven. Then added the parmesan cheese.
    I took them to a party and my friends loved them. Wanted the recipe. My husband was disappointed that we couldn't bring any leftovers home. No problem I will make more. Thanks for this easy recipe.
    I normally love all of Paula's recipes, but these did not get crisp after 30 minutes, and the breadsticks got soggy.
    everyone that has ate these, have loved them and always ask for the recipe.
    I thought the breadsticks tasted really good even though they were a little chewy due to the bacon greased that soaked in them. I used a broiler pan to cook them so it caught a lot of the grease plus I cooked them a little longer to crisp the bacon a more.
    I've made these b/4. Made them for this Thanksgiving as a pick on b/4 we ate. Everyone raved. They don't quite taste the same after they've cooled. So serve right away. Awesome!
    The first time I couldn't find the long sesame sticks and used the Herb and Butter snack stix. Both ways were wonderful andI can't tell you the compliments I got!!!
    I had read the reviews that said these turned out soggy so I cooked mine up on a rack so that the grease would drain off. This helped somewhat, but they were still a little soggy. The end of the recipe states that you need to let them "cool and crisp". This is a definite. If you eat them when they're warm, they're very soggy. After they've cooled, they're better but still not great. Not at all what I was expecting.
    wonderful ! my husband has made them for the past 2 yrs and will make them again this year. they are a "hit" and go very fast. we use fresh parm instead of the processed in the can. Delicious !
    Just like Paula said, they were very good, and all gone. Got to give you a 10 on this one Bobby, you came with a good one. think you . (good and easy)
    These make a nice presentation and are easy to make. I was given this recipe with microwave instructions and have never had a bad outcome. It is more time consuming, but worth it in my opinion. No burnt or soggy breadsticks. Depending on your microwave you can nuke these, 4 or 5 at a time, on a papertowel-lined microwave safe plate for 2 1/2 -3 1/2 minutes each batch. Resist the urge to add more to the plate. They will get soggy and cook unevenly. It also helps to change papertowels frequently. One addition in the recipe I was given was to add some dried parsley to the cheese and roll each beadstick right after being taken out of the microwave. The cheese/parsley clings better while the bacon grease is still "wet". The parsley adds nice color.
    I enjoy these very much. I cooked these up for a superbowl party...we ate them up quickly. The only reason i dident give it 5 stars is becuase its very greasy and the bread sticks get soggy, but still taste great. Cook the bacon for about 3 mins and drian the grease. Then wrap the breadstick.
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