Basic Popover

Total Time:
50 min
10 min
40 min

6 large popovers

  • 1 tablespoon unsalted butter, melted and cooled, plus 1 teaspoon room temperature for pan
  • 4 3/4 ounces all-purpose flour, approximately 1 cup
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt
  • 2 large eggs, room temperature
  • 1 cup whole milk, room temperature

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

Grease a 6-cup popover pan with the 1 teaspoon of butter.

Place all of the ingredients into a food processor or blender and process for 30 seconds. Divide the batter evenly between the cups of the popover pan, each should be about 1/3 to 1/2 full. Bake on the middle rack of the oven for 40 minutes. Remove the popovers to a cooling rack and pierce each in the top with a knife to allow steam to escape. Serve warm.

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    They are perfect! I did preheat the pan for 5 minutes. They were done in closer to 30 minutes cooking time.
    I have used this recipe many times over the past 3 or 4 years and I have NEVER had an issue, save twice (user failure.) One time opened the oven door to check and cold pans the other time. Other than that if you follow the recipe as written, weighing your ingredients, and following directions, you'll be rewarded with fine popovers. I save my beef drippings and sub for the butter all year long. EXCELLENT!!
    I LOVE this little hole in the wall
    The best. This is one of my go-to breakfast ideas.
    Great recipe! I make these all the time. I do use 1% milk rather than whole. I actually think they taste better that way. Wanted to put in nutritional info, but can't seem to figure out how to do that in my own recipe box. So, this is for me- (with 1% milk 6 servings. 130 calories, 2 grams fat, 17 carbs, 5 grams protein. Not bad for such a yummy treat! 
    Salt amount- I find to be perfect using course Kosher salt. I also forgot to preheat my pan last time I made these and they still rose perfectly... 
    Most popover recipes fail to mention the most important thing about making popovers: The popover pan should be put in the oven and heated up before pouring in batter. This is essential go get popovers to "pop" and grow to those glorious hollow culinary treats. The hot popover cups cause the batter to instantly cook on the edge of the cup and the batter has nowhere to go but UP! I learned this after many of my popovers never popped and I talked to a chef at Mariposa restaurant in Neiman Marcus in Honolulu. So, always use a popover pan and ALWAYS HEAT THE PAN!Tasty? What did you think?
    I have NEVER had a problem getting popovers to rise to magnificent heights in a cold pan. I have even done them side-by-side--one cold pan, one hot. No difference. In fact, I have more problems with them sticking when I use the hot pan method. So I humbly disagree.
    Way too salty (I used unsalted butter also. I would cut the salt down to maybe 1/2 t. and not the use 1 1/2 t. recipe calls for. Otherwise, very simple and quick to make.
    These are a perpetual hit with my kids and they can be a little picky. Never does one go to waste at our table of 4, despite this recipe yielding 6 popovers! 
    1. a bonifide popover pan is a must 
    2. to those complaining that they're too salty: note that Alton Brown almost always uses Kosher salt, and this recipe is no exception. Not only is it milder than regular table salt, but it's also more course, making it measure differently volumetrically. I'm a big Alton fan, so I keep kosher salt on hand. I'd say knock it down to 1 tsp if you're subbing regular table salt. 
    3. The last tip for a sure rise is to AERATE. Mixing this by hand just won't do. I have great success mixing with a stick blender - less cleanup than using a full size blender or food processor. The rise comes from the small bubbles incorporated in the batter when mixing. 
    Good luck and enjoy!
    It worked just like it was supposed to. Can't wait to try them with cheese.
    Good and easy recipe. Melissa D'Arabian has popover recipe that I always use. Her tips are all ingredients should be room temperature and do not disturb the popovers whilst cooking.
    The secret is to preheat the popover pan in the oven. Be careful when loading the batter. The pan is hot. Fill to the rim or it doesn't work as well.
    These were super easy but I agree with a previous poster that they were a little too salty.
    This recipe was sooooo easy. If you do exactly what the recipe states & remember you MUST use a popover pan. It came out fantastic! Everyone loved it. It's a change from frozen biscuts or toast. I'm now going to buy a second popover pan so we can enjoy a dozen at a time during family get togethers.
    Im curious if the salt in this recipe works to help it rise?? I say this because I found them delicious but a bit to salty. Id like to cut in half
    I've made these quite a few times now with veried results. In my oven at my house I have a convection oven and they rise fantastically. I'm struggling in another oven however getting them to rise. That is frustrating considering past successes.
    OMG...Yummy! I made popover rolls for the first time for Thanksgiving and they were a hit. Not only did it make me seem like a "superstar" chef for trying something new, but they tasted great too! I was a little unsure at first. The batter seemed way too thin, but I was wrong. The popover rolls came out perfect. They had a light flaky texture inside and they had a buttery taste. Definitely use a popover baking tray to get the full effect. Great and simple recipe!
    These popovers are OUTSTANDING...Alton, you are the BOMB!
    Ha! My teen daughter was making this as we were trying recipes for thanksgiving. All went well until she tried to put it in the oven. She had lubes the pan accordingly, and her grip slipped on the buttery lube! After cleaning the oven, floor, and cabinet she tried again! Delicious, and worth the cleaning!
    Easy recipe, just a bit of adjusting oven temp to get the inside cooked all the way.
    To Grace: Use Kosher salt...not regular, which would be way too salty! And always use butter, never oil or shortening. Nothing can take the place of butter if you're looking for flavor! (Unless you use meat drippings...yum!
    I was able to put all of the ingredients in my bullet blender, zapped it for the 30 seconds, and poured it into the preheated pan! A new easy family favorite!
    Should have read the reviews first! Yes, heat the pan....mine did not rise as expected even though they were tasty. And they were too salty.....reduce salt! I think a teaspoon would do. I wonder about using oil or shortening instead of butter as a way to improve this recipe. Otherwise, based on the simplicity of this recipe, they worked for a breakfast surprise!
    easy and tasty indeed. love you alton!
    It is indeed a great recipe!  
    Completely agree with the reviews that insist on heating the pan, it makes a world of difference. My popovers have risen 4 times the size of the pan, turned out great! Used large 6 cup pan, by coincidence, the same exact type Alton was using. Also, reduced amount of salt, about 1/2 - 3/4 tsp.
    These are awesome, simple and flexible! I use them as serving bowls for potato soup, vegetables, and pie filling. wonderful -- thanks!
    I might have gotten a step wrong from reading so many recipes prior to making them, including the Alton video of this recipe, which was long but informative. After I let oven reach 400, I melted appx 2 tbs of butter, 1 tbs to go in recipe as directed. The remaining tbs, I used a silicone basting/bbq brush and spread butter all over the cups and top edges, I made sure there was enough to just coat the bottom of each popover tin. I bought the Pan just like in his video. I heated the buttered pan for 5 minutes til almost smokey. Then I added his batter dividing evenly between six cups..cooked for only 30 minutes and they were beautiful!! I used this recipe prior with pan with beef and bacon drippings, covering the bottom and that worked great to! I didnt realize it until I rewatched video again after I made them, that Alton didnt preheat the buttered pan. I hope this helps anyone...
    This recipe will ALWAYS be revolting. You do not cook "popovers" or Yorkshire pudding as they are correctly called, in a cold pan with butter! Tbsp of OIL in each pan compartment, heat in oven till it smokes, then pour batter in and put back in a hot, hot oven for 15 minutes. Thanks you.
    I know my way around a kitchen and never had problems baking bread or anything else but this recipe for popovers never turned out the way it is supose to.
    These were TERRIBLE. They didn't pop up, they had a strange taste and were crunchy instead of soft. I wouln't recommend this recipe and I will never make these again!
    This is a great simple recipe. I didn't have whole milk, so I substituted with 2% and they came out fine. Annie Caroline, were you using table salt or kosher salt? Because Even if you halved the amount of salt, but then used table, they would've still come out far too salty.
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