In this exclusive Chef Michael Kornick recipe, seasonal mushrooms, charred balsamic red onions, and cracked black peppercorn sauce top a tender bison rib roast.
Recipe courtesy of The Bison Council
Bison Rib Roast
2 hr
30 min
6 Servings
2 hr
30 min
6 Servings



Rib Roast

1.Trim any excess fat off roast (especially near thinnest part).

2.Rub roast with 2 ounces oil, and season with salt and ground black pepper.

3.Place in a roasting pan on a roasting rack.

4.Roast at 375°F for 45 minutes.

5.Reduce heat to 275°F.

6.In 15 minutes, check internal temperature with a thermometer. Continue every 15 minutes.

7.For rare to medium rare, pull roast out at 115°F. It will continue to cook as it rests. Do not slice for at least 20 minutes.

8.Garnish platter with the onions and mushrooms.

9.After roast rests, slice thin and serve immediately with peppercorn sauce.

Peppercorn Sauce

1.In a 1½ quart sauce pot, sweat shallots, carrots and celery in 2 ounces of butter. Wait until tender and lightly browned.

2.Add diced tomatoes or tomato paste, and continue cooking for 10 minutes over medium/low heat.

3.Add red wine, bring to simmer and reduce slowly until ½ evaporated.

4.Add demi-glace. Bring to simmer, and reduce gently until sauce-like consistency (reduce by approximately 25-30 percent).

5.Add thyme and bay leaf. Cook slowly for about 10 minutes. Do not reduce by much, if any.

6.Strain into a clean sauce pot. Bring to simmer, and add peppercorns. Season with salt, to taste, and whisk in remaining butter. Serve warm.


1.Trim stems, slice or halve if very large.

2.Season with salt and pepper.

3.Saute at high heat in butter, reserve.

Balsamic Onions

1.Slice 3 onions into 6 thick slices.

2.Brush or drizzle with oil and season with salt.

3.Char over high heat in a non-stick pan.

4.Note: Onions should burn on the outside, and remain sweet and delicious on the inside.

5.When cool enough to touch, drizzle with balsamic glaze.



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